Training workshops for teachers: 360° environments and podcasts

Would you like to kick off Summer with some fresh inspiration and skills? Online Hybrid Lab, together with Aalto Studios, hosts a two-part workshop day where the goal is to provide hands-on experiences about creating and using 360° environments as well as planning and producing a trial podcast episode, getting to know the whole life-cycle of podcast creation. You can choose to attend both or one of these workshops.
Taija Votkin showing 360 camera use and Tomi Kauppinen and Jutta Tavaila recording a podcast episode

Training day schedule

10:00-12:00 - Workshop 1: 360° environments 

  • What are 360° environments, where can they be used and how can they help in teaching?
  • How to take 360° photographs? Hands-on experience with a portable 360° camera, led by Taija Votkin
  • Creating 360° environments with ThingLink: adding extra information, media and quizzes into example pictures. You can also bring normal pictures of your own field and utilise them in the ThingLink environment.

13:00-ca.16:00 - Workshop 2: Podcasts

  • What to take into consideration when planning your podcast? Different podcast styles, different methods of production etc.
  • What resources does Aalto provide for podcast creation? Jon Fabritius presents the present and future studio resources at Aalto.
  • Producing a trial podcast episode; planning, recording, editing and publishing a podcast snippet.
360 camera operated by Sofia Sevon and Taija Votkin_photo is taken by Valeria Azovskaya at Aalto campus in August 2022
Taija Votkin and Sofia Sevon using 360 camera, Aalto campus.

The workshops are free to attend to any Aalto staff members, teachers or other faculty members interested in learning more about these methods. You can choose to attend one of the workshops or join both of them. Sign up is open until May 29th. This is the perfect opportunity to gain concrete experiences about podcast creation and 360° environments. Remember to also hint to your colleagues about this training day! 

More information, questions or cancellations:

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