Accessibility guidelines for 360° learning spaces in 3DVista

360° online learning environments that built in 3DVista might be challenging to access for people with some health conditions or impairments. These guidelines support authors in getting the best from the platform as of today.

3DVista Accessibility Guidelines for 360° virtual spaces.

Digital accessibility is very important and becomes an undoubtful asset for many services, virtual spaces and communication channels. As Online Hybrid Lab we would like to support all kinds of developments towards a better digital accessibility of online learning spaces for Aalto community and beyond. 

We are happy to introduce the collaborative effort of both academic and practics, the 3DVista Accessibility Guidelines. 

Aalto Wiki 3DVista Accessibility Guidelines

By the link you will find an Aalto Wiki page with the summary of accessibility guidelines following EN 301 549 and WCAG 2.1 standards/guidelines and how to implement them by using 3DVista. The initial document has been created by Gottfried ZimmermannCompetence Center on Digital AccessibilityStuttgart Media University towards ThingLink and it has been modified according to CC-BY-4.0 by Samuel Girmay.

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360 camera closeup with a blurred background, photo taken by Valeria Azovskaya outdoor at Aalto campus, August 2022

360° learning environment guide

360° environments are something that anyone can use in their educational practices to make learning alluring and engaging. This page gives you all the necessary fundamentals you need to get started with your 360° environment. Read, learn more about it and contact us for further discussion!

Aalto Online Learning - Online Hybrid Lab
An image of virtual laboratory space

AALTOLAB Virtual Laboratories (external link)

AALTOLAB is a virtual laboratory platform developed at the Aalto University since 2018. AALTOLAB has been funded by the Aalto Online Learning (Online Hybrid Lab) programme.

a photo of Aalto University BIZ main building by Mika Huisman

Aalto Online Learning - Online Hybrid Lab

Aalto Online Learning - Online Hybrid Hub design, test, and promote production models and best practices in the field of online learning.

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