Adventures in Entrepreneurship Law

In the Adventures in Entrepreneurship Law talk show Petra Hietanen-Kunwald and Kalle Airo from Aalto University explore business law from an entrepreneurial point of view with expert guests. In some episodes their co-host is Moritz Scherleitner.

The talk show content is meant for education and does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice.

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The talk show series is part of the Aalto University course 'Entrepreneurship Law', which can be completed online through Aalto Open University. If you are ready to immerse yourself in independent, yet engaging online course activities, educative quizzes, and written assignments, then taking the online course could be the right choice. Watch the short introductory video and then decide if you would like to follow our episodes on this page or register via Aalto Open University and become our student:

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How to cope with startup culture?

Episode guest: Elina Lappalainen, Business Journalist, Helsingin Sanomat.
‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast!’ is a famous quote by Peter Drucker. In this episode Petra and Moritz talk with Elina Lappalainen about startups and startup culture. We learn from Elina what a startup culture is, what problems may arise in a startup environment and how these problems may be prevented. We also explore the role of the media and how startups should communicate and interact with them.


What kind of contracts do startups need? Commercial contracts in a nutshell.

Episode guest: Jaakko Lindgren, Partner, Dottir Attorneys at Law.
Many startups have an unclear idea about contracts and how to use them. In this episode Petra and Kalle discuss with Jaakko Lindgren what startups should look for in commercial contracts. They will also talk about the difference between a contract and a memorandum of understanding, the magic of reading and the significance of written contracts. We also learn what terms should be avoided to stay out of trouble and how important it is to understand what you own.  


How to start a business in Finland? Starting a company in practice.

Episode guest: Pia Partanen, Business advisor, Business Helsinki. 
Starting a company is important, and it does not need to be complicated. In this episode Pia Partanen, a seasoned entrepreneur and currently a business advisor at Business Helsinki, will explain how surprisingly easy it is to start a company in Finland in practice. In addition to the legal requirements, we will also discuss what kind of help, support and funding the government and municipalities offer to new entrepreneurs.


How to pay tax? Business taxation in a nutshell.

Episode guest: Risto Walden, CEO and Senior Tax Advisor, Bilanssi Oy.
Already Benjamin Franklin knew: In this world, nothing is certain but death and taxes. Yet, the questions as to what, when and how much tax is to be paid can be tricky. In this episode of Adventures in Entrepreneurship Law Talk Show, Kalle and Moritz talk with Risto Walden about the key principles of business taxation. We learn about the key tax consequences of running a business via a limited liability company, partnership, or sole proprietor. Furthermore, we explore some key accounting principles and briefly touch on international taxation.


How to prevent disputes? Proactive law in practice.

Episode guest: Petra Hietanen-Kunwald, LL.D., Aalto University, Business Law.
Litigation in courts is a time-consuming and expensive process and can be a significant risk for startups, who often have limited resources. In this episode Kalle and Moritz talk with Petra Hietanen-Kunwald about how to prevent legal disputes and how to take a strategic proactive approach to conflicts. We learn about the archetypes of dispute resolution in civil and commercial matters: litigation and arbitration on the one hand and negotiation and mediation on the other.


What is a startup? Most startups are not companies.

Episode guest: Kalle Airo, Co-founder of Aalto Ventures Program Aalto University.
What do you get when you mix a bunch of ambitious dreamers with a dash of chaos and a pinch of uncertainty? In this episode Petra and Moritz talk with Kalle Airo about the nature of startups. What are startups, where do they come from and how do they differ from other companies? They will explore the entrepreneur's role in the startup and the startup's role in the entrepreneur's life. We will learn that companies are tools to achieve goals and explore how entrepreneurs can use them.


What does it cost to hire people? Taxes and employment.

Episode guest: Marika Kaitamaa, Senior Tax Manager, KPMG. 
You need some helping hands for your business and decide to employ someone. What kind of tax and social security obligations are connected to such an action? In this episode Kalle and Moritz talk with Marika Kaitamaa about the key duties that must be fulfilled by the entrepreneur acting as an employer. Furthermore, they discuss alternative forms of acquiring labor.  

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