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Online Hybrid Lab is a collective of professionals, scientists and educators who design and help to implement production models to boost blended teaching and learning experiences at Aalto University. We offer help with MOOCs development, video production of educational content, 360° / VR environment production and educational games.

Online Hybrid Lab is the place for the full life cycle of designing online learning, new discoveries, progressive research and developing expert views on Aalto University's digital educational strategy.

Explore our production pipelines and learn more about 360° learning environments, game production or developing video content for online courses:

360 camera closeup with a blurred background, photo taken by Valeria Azovskaya outdoor at Aalto campus, August 2022

360° learning environment guide

360° environments are something that anyone can use in their educational practices to make learning alluring and engaging. This page gives you all the necessary fundamentals you need to get started with your 360° environment.

Aalto Online Learning - Online Hybrid Lab
Game picture

Game production pipeline

Looking to develop your own educational game within Aalto? Come to talk with us! Online Hybrid Lab offers support in educational game production.

Aalto Online Learning - Online Hybrid Lab
Filming. Image by Unto Rautio.

Video-production pipeline

If you design an online course that contains videos, this section is for you. We go through the essential processes to support your video planning and production with practical advice and proven practices that help you to get the desired outcome.

Aalto Online Learning - Online Hybrid Lab
photo by maxim hopman from unsplash

What can we do for you?

  • We advise on funding opportunities for the online development of Aalto University programs and courses with high potential.
  • We provide a hands-on help with your production process.
  • We assist with the development and help to find the right partner for your project.

Get in touch with us about possible funding for online learning development, discuss your action plan and get the support of the promising initiative.

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News and upcoming events

Connected Learners: Online Hybrid Lab webinar

Join the online webinar to learn about the Global DigiEduHack challenge we prepared for you: learn more about our core topic, meet likeminded people and ask questions!

Connected Learners_online webinar cover for OHL DigiEduHack_by Valeria Azovskaya

How could Augmented Reality change the learning experience on campus? Online Hybrid Lab welcomes its new member, Teresa Rizzi.

As a member of Online Hybrid Team, Teresa is doing her internship and working on her master thesis about Augmented Reality from a User Experience designer point of view.

Teresa Rissi and her team member, photo from Teresa Rissi archive

Cloud Reachers: podcast on future of learning

The Cloud Reachers podcast tackles future learning with experts from different fields from the perspective of both teachers and learners. Join the conversation and discover how we can transform learning together!

Illustration of human figures climbing stairs to clouds on blue background. / illustration: Lisa Staudinger

Design Education Across Disciplines: the new book from Aalto University experts has been published!

The new book by Miikka J. Lehtonen, Tomi Kauppinen and Laura Sivula shares and discusses a diverse range of inclusive methods for how design engages learners.

Design Education Across Disciplines book, Photo by Valeria Azovskaya, 2023

Accessibility guidelines for 360° learning spaces in 3DVista

360° online learning environments that built in 3DVista might be challenging to access for people with some health conditions or impairments. These guidelines support authors in getting the best from the platform as of today.

A construction site of the tram stop near Väre building in Otaniemi campus_photo by Mikko Raskinen, winter 2022.

External partners and internal Aalto units developing and supporting online and hybrid learning:

Online and hybrid collaborative tools for working and teaching:

Photo of students studying, Otaniemi campus.

Learning digital toolbox for teachers (external link)

This online repository contains the elements involved in creating joint online courses, including a technology toolbox, good online teaching practices, and a compilation of activities suitable for an online environment. This digital toolbox is a product of the Joint Programs: Embedding Virtual Exchange, or JPROV, Project, as part of the Erasmus+ Knowledge alliance, Unite! Explore all the different tools and submit your own!

Tools on red

Collaboration tools for hybrid way of working (external link)

Collection of digital collaboration tools for Aalto community

Remote research

IT services for research and creative practices - remote tool collection

Instructions and tips for remote research and creative practices.


Meet our team

 Tomi Kauppinen

Tomi Kauppinen

Head, Aalto Online Learning - Online Hybrid Lab
 Taija Votkin

Taija Votkin

Specialist, Online Learning and 360° Learning Environments
 David Derichs

David Derichs

Project Lead, 360 and VR Content
 Valeria Azovskaya

Valeria Azovskaya

Specialist, learning experience designer, online education
 Edward Morrell

Edward Morrell

Game Researcher, Design and Development
 Teresa Rizzi

Teresa Rizzi

Project worker, AR content
 Tuuli Metsäkoivu

Tuuli Metsäkoivu

Project worker, podcasts and audio materials in online education
 Jutta Tavaila

Jutta Tavaila

Project worker, online education
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