How can AI affect creative writing and online education? Online Hybrid Lab welcomes its new master's thesis worker, Aayush Kucheria.

Online Hybrid Lab is the place for the full life cycle of designing online learning, new discoveries, progressive research and developing expert views on Aalto University's digital educational strategy.
This Spring 2023 we are happy to have a new member on board: Aayush Kucheria is joining us as a Master's thesis worker. Aayush will explore an artificial intelligence (AI) leveraging Language Models to enhance creative writing experiences.

Welcome to the team, Aayush! Would you like to introduce yourself?

Hi! My name’s Aayush Kucheria and I’m an AI student at Aalto University. I completed my bachelor’s here with a minor in Quantum Tech, and currently I’m focusing on the fundamental safety aspects of AI in my master’s and beyond. 

I’m quite fascinated by the capabilities that AI systems have been consistently displaying these past few years, and am naturally drawn towards leveraging these capabilities to benefit all sentient beings and what it means for us to do so. At the same time, with great capabilities come great responsibilities. And understanding ways in things might go wrong and working towards solutions is my biggest priority. 

What does online learning mean for you?

Actual learning is a very intimate and personal experience, and I’m deeply excited to play around with understanding what aspects make it better or worse, and why that is so. Plus, doing this “online” and with “AIs” only makes it more complex and fun.

What do you do in the Aalto Online Learning - Online Hybrid Lab team?

I’m a Master’s thesis worker and will be playing around with leveraging Language Models to enhance creative writing experiences.

Aalto AI student Aayush Kucheria photo by Aayush Kucheria near the lake in a sunny day

Could you share, what your master’s thesis is about?

Creativity is an underrated aspect of current AIs like chatGPT and Bing Sydney, and my thesis will be about exploring this aspect of them in a creative co-writing environment with humans. I will also be exploring ways to make the AI’s reasoning more transparent and robust (using Factored Cognition methods), and am curious to see how it changes the co-writing experience, if at all.

We wish Aayush all the best in his forthcoming discoveries and will keep you updated on the thesis outcomes.

a photo of Aalto University BIZ main building by Mika Huisman

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