Design Education Across Disciplines: the new book from Aalto University experts has been published!

The new book edited by Miikka J. Lehtonen, Tomi Kauppinen and Laura Sivula shares and discusses a diverse range of inclusive methods for how design engages learners.

Design Education Across Disciplines presents how design thinking transforms higher education with solutions ranging from single courses to programs. This is done by also demonstrating how designing across disciplines is done across continents and higher educational institutions.
Design Education Across Disciplines book, Photo by Valeria Azovskaya, 2023

This book offers an inspiring exploration into the transformative power of design interventions within higher education. The aim is to better respond to the intricate challenges of our global society. Through a collaborative approach, the book advocates for educators to rethink traditional pedagogies and embrace the possibilities of socially responsive, future-oriented teaching methodologies.

Authors emphasize the need for educators to foster solutions at all levels, from individual courses to systemic changes in higher education institutions. The authors provide case examples on how to draw attention to the interplay of design, technology, and evolving societal needs, and how educators can equip students to become active problem solvers and contributors.

The book comprises three main sections. The first, "Designing Design Education: Strategies for Navigating Complexities and Boundaries," investigates innovative design pedagogy in response to twenty-first-century challenges. The second, "Design Education Blending and Crossing Boundaries: Practices for the 21st Century," offers practical methods for integrating disciplines, including tactile online learning and transformative design projects. The third, "Shifting the Mindset: Design as a Catalyst for Rethinking Interdependencies Across Boundaries," explores design education's broader impact, fostering transformative relationships and sustainable practices. The book concludes by reflecting on these themes, wrapping up contributors' and editors’ insights.

With approaches on fostering transdisciplinary collaboration, incorporating challenge-based learning, and integrating community engagement, the authors showcase a vision for education that transcends traditional boundaries and empowers learners to embrace ambiguity and drive positive change. "Design Education Across Disciplines" serves as a compelling call to action for educators to reshape education in ways that prepare students for a dynamic and unpredictable future.

Educators and leaders of higher education institutes as well as designers and managers of companies will benefit from engaging the design ideas in their own work.

Visit Springer website for more information about the book

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 Tomi Kauppinen

Tomi Kauppinen

Head, Aalto Online Learning - Online Hybrid Lab
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