Doktorandprogrammet i kemiteknik

Undervisningsplan 2022-2024

About the programme

Degree structure

Total credits
General research studies
Research field studies
Doctoral thesis*

*No credits are granted for the doctoral thesis or licentiate thesis.

Degree requirements

You can find course descriptions in Sisu. In your study plan, choose the course and click the course code or search courses by code or name. Learning environments are found in MyCourses through search or after registration in "My own courses".

The Doctoral Programme Committee has formed the frames and approved these instructions for individual study entities


More information

Photo of a library hallway with bookselves full of books

Doctoral courses and curriculum

Find courses for doctoral students & information about individual studies and credit transfer.

Doctoral education
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Doctoral personal study plan (DPSP)

Doctoral students plan their studies and research by using the five parts of the DPSP.

Doctoral education

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