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HowUTeach self-assessment tool for teachers is piloted at Aalto

HowUTeach is a research based self-assessment tool created primarily for teachers. The purpose of HowUTeach is to increase teachers’ awareness of their teaching and thereby enhance individual self-reflection relating to work and wellbeing. HowUTeach is being piloted at Aalto during the academic year 2022-23.
Photo: Aalto University/ Mikko Raskinen

Piloting phase has two steps:

  1. HowUTeach questionaire the teachers of the pilot programmes or majors will answer the questionaire and receive individual feedback based on their answeres. This mechanism encourages and improves self-evaluation within the respondent’s field of work. Feedback includes descriptions of different teaching dimensions as well as ideas on how to develop and improve teaching practices and teaching-related wellbeing. Dimensions of HowUTeach instrument include: teaching related wellbeing, experiences of work environment, integration of teaching and research and approached to teaching.
  2. In the facilitetad workshops the team of teachers will reflect the feedback together  to realize the collaborative strengths in your academic community and to jointly analyze the key development points to ensure the best possible teaching and learning experiences. Workshops will be facilitated by members of Oasis of Radical Wellbeing project team.

Further steps follow the needs of the degree programme.

Three to four programmes or majors from all Aalto fields will be participating in the piloting phase during the academic year 2022-2023.


Supporting high-quality teaching in higher education through the HowUTeach self-reflection tool.

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Lecture hall during the lecture

Teaching and learning

A landing page for teachers to help them find services and support related to teaching and learning.


43% responded to the 2022 AllWell? survey!

The survey was sent to all second-year bachelor’s degree students and first-year master’s degree students at Aalto University. This year, their total number was approximately 4,700. About 43% of them took the survey. AllWell warmly thanks all of them!

AllWell Results in Power BI

AllWell? 2022 results in Power BI

The 2022 AllWell? wellbeing survey was conducted 16.2.-2.3. among all 2nd-year bachelor’s degree students and 1st-year master’s degree students at Aalto University. Results can be now found from Power BI!

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