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Come and meet the talented students of Aalto University and build your employer image among the game changers of tomorrow!
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Talent Expo — Aalto University's largest recruitment fair

Students of Aalto University represent the top of their field in business, art & design, and technology, and are highly coveted among employers due to their wide range of skills. By participating in Talent Expo, you will reach a great number of students both from the many study fields of Aalto University and from all stages of their studies: bachelor's, master's, and doctoral. The expo is an excellent opportunity to recruit Aalto students and build a positive employer image among the game changers of tomorrow.

Date of the event

Talent Expo is organised usually at the end of October or beginning of November. The date and more detailed information about each year's event will be published usually in May.

In addition to the stands, virtual contact opportunities are available earlier during the fair week. The students will also be able to to learn valuable job-hunting skills and explore the exhibitors' career opportunities in JobTeaser prior to the event.

Extra furniture for your stand

Please note that your stand does not include any furniture. You may rent furniture directly through our fair builder through the link that will be posted on this page.

Mailing list

If you wish to receive news about the Talent Expo (and other recruitment events at Aalto University) you can join our mailing list here: https://eventsmarketing.aalto.fi/page/AaltoTalentExpo. By joining the mailing list you will be among the first ones to hear when the registration opens and you can secure yourself a good spot at the fair!

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Prices (from the 2023 event)*

*The prices shown here are from the 2023 event and there might be some changes for the next year.

At Talent Expo, exhibitors are able to form a stand that is suitable for their needs and activities. When deciding the size and form of the stand, it is useful to begin by visualizing what is going to happen at the stand. Pick the number of units (4 m2/unit) and combine units to form a stand that meets your needs!

Choosing one basic stand is great for a traditional fair presence. If you are looking for a more dashing and active fair stand, we recommend choosing multiple adjacent stands. For example, with a combination of 3 stands you'll be able to have small presentations and activities at your stand and can even interview students or have performances within your space.

VAT will be added to all prices.

Entities within Aalto University have the possibility to join Aalto Talent Expo free. If you are interested in an Aalto stand, please contact us: [email protected]. Please note that Aalto stand is the same size as a mini stand, but does not include branding or food vouchers.

Student marketing and JobTeaser

At the expo, the main communication channel to students is the tried and true JobTeaser. Every participating exhibitor will have a Company Profile -page on JobTeaser, and virtual fair activities are organized via JobTeaser. 

JobTeaser is a job portal used by Aalto University Career Services. Students can find the jobs targeted to Aalto University students, all career services events and information + appointments for updating their job hunting skills in JobTeaser. 

The Expo's student marketing is built utilizing many digital and traditional marketing channels. For social media marketing we use (among other Aalto University accounts) the Talent Expo instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/aaltotalentexpo/. Natually, the event is also very visible on campus in the fall and our team even sends a post card invitation to all Aalto University students!

You can read more about JobTeaser and available additional marketing services here: 

Kuvassa ihmisiä messuilla

Student marketing and JobTeaser

Complete instructions and advice for using JobTeaser.

Talent Expo
Kuvassa kolme opiskelijaa lukee esitettä messuilla

Extra Marketing Services

Here you will find information on different marketing services on sale at Talent Expo.

Talent Expo

Additional program

The exhibitors have the possibility to attend additional program that supports the students' job hunting and career skills. 

Your organization can participate in supporting the students' career paths in CV&LinkedIn clinic and Portfolio Review, where recruitment professionals give advice on student's CV, LinkedIn profile or Portfolio. If you have some Aalto alumni working in your company, you can also participate in Speed Mentoring, where the students and alumni can discuss issues related to career and job life during a casual meeting. 

Read more about these events and instructions for participants here:

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CV & LinkedIn -clinic, Speed mentoring and Portfolio Review

Here you will find information and instructions for CV & LinkedIn -clinic, speed mentoring and portfolio review at Talent Expo.

Talent Expo

Why join Talent Expo?

The students of Aalto University value the opportunity to meet employers and discuss career possibilities with representatives. According to student feedback, campus presence, participation in events, and contact opportunities enhance positive employer image among students.

At the fair you may also encounter students whose know-how and skills might not yet be familiar to you but can prove to be valuable for your organization. We recommend you get acquainted with the wide range of study options at Aalto and make use of the skills of all Aalto students!

Read about the feedback from previous Expos here:

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Aalto Talent Expo 2023

Aalto Talent Expo recruitment event was organised at the Aalto University campus in Otaniemi on November 2nd, 2023.

Talent Expo
Aalto Talent Expo 2022

Aalto Talent Expo 2022

Aalto Talent Expo is a live recruitement fair for students held in Otahalli on 10th of November 2022.

Talent Expo
Aalto Talent Expo 2021 blue visual

Aalto Talent Expo 2021

Check out Aalto Talent Expo 2021 feedback and photos from the fair!

Talent Expo
A graphic banner of the event

Aalto Talent Expo Online 2021

Check out the feedback of the virtual Aalto Talent Expo 2021!

Talent Expo
Aalto Talent Expo 2019 illustration. Red background. Designer Babi Brasileiro.

Aalto Talent Expo 2019

Check out the feedback and photos from Aalto Talent Expo 2019!

Talent Expo

Terms of participation

The terms of participation will be added to this page.

Expo Team

Ville Hakulinen

Fair coordinator

Milja Koski

Employer Services manager

The fair was very successful... A lot of students visited our stand and the discussions were useful and interesting!

Exhibitor at 2019 Aalto Talent Expo
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