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Aalto Talent Expo Online 2021

Aalto University's contact and recruitment event, Aalto Talent Expo was arranged virtually in the beginning of 2021. Below you can read the feedback given by students and exhibiting employers.
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The Aalto Talent Expo 2021 was organzied between 12. and 14. of January online due to the pandemic situation thus making it the first ever Aalto Talent Expo Online. The purpose of the Expo is to connect students and employers of arts, design, business and tech: in 2021 60 emplyer organizations and +1000 students participated in the Expo.

The Expo provides students the opportunity to get to know diverse career paths and various employers. Additionally, it is a great chance to create connections and to acquire contacts in regards to job hunting and career planning. In practice the Expo had jobs, thesis assignments, internships, CV-clinics, speakers from various fields, alumni mentoring and much more to offer!

Basic information about the Expo

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+ 1000
students were registered

employers presented their career possibilities

the overall grade from students and employers

comments about the virtual expo from students and employers

Feedback from students

88% found the program interesting

75% thought the event went smoothly and without problems

74% found relevant employer companies

Feedback from employers

76% felt the event went well overall

84% were pleased with the support of the organizers during the fair

91% accomplished their expo objectives well or satisfactorily

Employers' interest in students in different fields

School abbreviations and colors

80% Students from the Aalto School of Engineering

72% Students from the Aalto School of Business

30% Students from the Aalto School of Chemistry

73% Students from the Aalto School of Science

65% Students from the Aalto School of Electrical Engineering

23% Students from the School of Art, Design and Architecture

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