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CV & LinkedIn -clinic, Speed mentoring and Portfolio Review

The very popular CV & LinkedIn -clinic, speed mentoring and portfolio review are an excellent chance to enhance your employer image and meet Aalto students via video.
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CV & LinkedIn -clinic, speed mentoring and portfolio review

These clinics are part of the virtual program and will be organised before the live event, on Tuesday November 9th and Wednesday November 10th.

At the CV & LinkedIn clinic, a recruitment specialist from your organization will provide advice for students related to their CV, cover letter or LinkedIn -profile. During speed mentoring sessions, students and employer representatives have a chance to discuss different career paths, studies and working life at a relaxed setting. Portfolio reviews provide an opportunity for students to receive feedback and advice related to portfolios as a tool for job hunting.

At Aalto Talent Expo 2021, all CV & LinkedIn -clinic sessions as well as speed mentoring and portfolio reviews will be organized virtually. Employers can register for the program they wish to join without any additional fee. However, organizations can have select these sessions only if they are (either at the live event or virtually!) an exhibitor and have selected a stand/virtual fair participation.

The participating students might not be looking for work from organizations holding the sessions. Nevertheless, the clinic, speed mentoring and portfolio review provide an excellent opportunity to meet students and boost your employer brand among them. Aalto University students value these sessions, and they are often fully booked.

All CV & LinkedIn -clinic time slots, speed mentoring and portofolio reviews are open for all Aalto students. The meetings will be held on MS Teams. The Aalto Talent Expo -team will organize and manage the related JobTeaser events.

I found the discussion interesting and rewarding, and meeting the company representative was nice!

Student feedback from a CV & LinkedIn -clinic at Aalto Talent Expo Online

Further information

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For employers

Come and meet the talented students of Aalto University and build your employer image among them.

Talent Expo
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Talent Expo

Aalto University’s contact and recruitment event brings together students and employers of arts, business, design and technology.

Aalto Talent Expo 2021

Aalto Talent Expo 2021

Aalto Talent Expo contact & recruitment fair will be organized in Otahalli on the 11th of November 2021

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Student marketing and JobTeaser

Complete instructions and advice for delivering the marketing materials for Aalto Talent Expo 2020.

Talent Expo
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Virtual Fair Participation

Information regarding the virtual participation in Aalto Talent Expo.

Talent Expo
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Extra Marketing Services

Here you will find information on different marketing services on sale at Aalto Talent Expo.

Talent Expo
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