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Talent Expo is marketed to students in many different ways. During the fall, the event is highly visible to students on social media, newsletters and on campus and students are approach with emails, competitions postcards and more. In addition, many different marketing services are offered for exhibitors wanting to promote their fair activities. We recommend you take advantage of the different extra marketing services and make sure you stand out in a positive manner!
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For an extra charge, you may select a social media marketing package, direct email marketing to students or logo visibility on flyers, email invites and a postcard that is sent to all Aalto students.

Social media package

The social media marketing package is a great way to reach Aalto students via the Career Services Facebook -page and the newly launched Talent Expo Instagram account. You create the content for your own posts and send it to us before the date of the posting. The social media package includes:

  • Facebook post on the Career Services Facebook -page
  • Instagram feed-post which is also shared in the ig story on the Talent Expo instagram account

The topics of the posts can relate to your fair participation, recruitment needs or other topic relevant to your organization. The post can be for example:

  • Your fair day program (e.g who the students will meet)
  • Link to your recruitment pages and/or list to relevant job ads that are open during the fair
  • Marketing an open position
  • Link to a career story of your employee (preferrably an alumni of Aalto) + picture (the actual career story can for example be on your website)
  • Question to students on a career related matter
  • After the event, the post can be a thank you for a successful fair!

Depending on the timing of the post, the price is 300 € – 600 € + VAT. Higher price is valid closer to the fair.

Direct marketing to students via email

We market your event to student directly via email. You may select a wish for a targeted group of students (schools/level of studies) as well as the size of the target group. We will charge you based on the actual number of emails sent. The minimum amount is 200 students.

Price: 2 €/student + VAT.

Logo visibility on emails, flyers & postcard

The student marketing of the event includes a postcard sent to all Aalto students. You may purchase logo visibility on this postcard as well as flyers of the event & on the emails sent to students.

Price for logo visibility: 1300 € + VAT

Video ad on screens during the live fair

You may select a slot for a video ad regarding your organization that will be played on screens during the opening hours of the live fair. Maximum length for a single, non-looped video is 1 minute. We kindly ask you send the videos using .mp4 file format. 

Price for video ad during the live fair: 890 € + VAT

Super package for fair marketing

With the super package your organization can take advantage of all the different extra marketing services available! The super package for marketing includes a 600 € social media marketing package, direct email marketing for approx. 500 students, logo visibility on emails and printed materials and a video screen ad during the live fair.

Super package for marketing, 3 490 € + vat. Limited number of packages available.

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