Single sign-on session of Aalto services

Aalto University uses a single sign-on system for online services. This circle of trust enables users to use several different online services up to 12 hours with a single sign-on. The duration of the session can also be shorter.


In Aalto’s circle of trust, a user’s session is valid for 12 hours during which the user can use services connected to the circle of trust without a separate log-in.

When users log in to each service for the first time, they are asked for consent to the disclosure of information. Such consent is not requested again unless there are additions to the information disclosed. Users can also cancel the consent they have given upon a log-in to the service, in which case consent is requested again. The information disclosed and their purpose of use are described in the privacy policy for the service.

Automatic single sign-on (workstation log-in)

If a user has logged in to an Aalto workstation or Aalto laptop, log-in to the online services occurs automatically. Workstation log-in works directly in Windows with Internet Explorer, in Mac with Safari, and in Linux with Firefox. This feature can also be taken in use for Firefox in Windows and Mac. Workstation log-in only works with Aalto workstations and Aalto laptops, not in users’ own laptops in the Aalto Open or Eduroam networks. In the wireless network, workstation log-in only works with an Aalto-Windows laptop and via VPN.

Single sign-on with an Aalto ID

If workstation log-in is not possible, the user is directed to the log-in page that provides an Aalto username and password. The log-in page also contains a link to the privacy policy for the service.

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If you have any questions or you are experiencing problems, please send a service request here:


The service requires an Aalto ID. The service administrator may have limited the duration of the session for a specific service to a period shorter than 12 hours.

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