Where to get guidance and support?

Welcome to the home page for student guidance and support! On this page, we have collected information about services, materials and individuals that can help students with their study planning, study well-being and career reflections.

We want to make your study path at Aalto go as smoothly and rewarding as possible. For your overall well-being with studies, you can receive guidance automatically as a part of your studies and also if you request it yourself.

Automatically built into the guidance at Aalto are e.g. various informational events, an orientation course, and regular meetings between students and their academic advisors. You should participate in these, as they are planned to take place at key times in your studies. During studies, you may also feel a need for individual guidance – concerning doing the online tasks for reflecting about your career, for instance, or taking part in a Starting Point of Wellbeing workshop, or may having a talk with a study coordinator.

How to get guidance?

Service map of guidance and support for students. The services are listed and explained tables below.
Aalto’s guidance services are thus divided in three categories: (1) ‘Support for study planning and making study choices’, (2) ‘Support for study wellbeing’ and (3) ‘Support for career planning’. Graphic design: Evgeniia Markevich.

In the accordion menu below, we have listed all the services shown in the picture and included a short description of each. We have included when possible a link for each item so you can receive more information or make an appointment.

More information

Study Skills

Study skills consist of a number of areas, such as the management of study methods, self-management, acting in a community and regulation of personal emotions. Study skills are something you can learn, and these pages include ideas for developing your skills as well as links for sources of additional information.


The AllWell? student survey

The AllWell? student survey is sent to all Aalto’s 2nd year bachelor's and 1st year master's students every year.


The AllWell? student survey and development of teaching at Aalto University

The annually conducted AllWell? student survey gives us research-based data for planning pedagogical development. A summary of AllWell? results are distributed to Aalto programme directors and school management.

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