Trainings and support for self-leadership and career planning

Fast-paced working life and constant change call for open and positive attitude, flexibility and problem solving skills. You can improve your ability to face work life’s challenges by developing your self leadership skills. On this page you can read more about self leadership skills, what you can accomplish by improving self leadership skills and how to improve them.
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Self Leadership Themes in Aalto

Self Leadership Themes in Aalto

Self Leadership Themes and sub-areas

People who manage themselves in a balanced manner handle the pressures, challenges and haste of the work better. They often experience less stress and consider their work and life in general more meaningful. They act in an efficient, self-steering and motivated manner.  In 2020, we have experienced a lot of stress due to global emergency by the coronavirus, and the self leadership skills are even more important.

The current trainings related to self leadership skills you will find from Workday Learning.

Relationship with yourself and leading your own mind

Leading your own mind and emotions

Mindfulness gives us the ability to lead our own minds, to be truly present in our lives, and to focus on the essentials. At work, it means less stress and faster recovery from stressful situations. It helps us succeed in the midst of work pressures, interruptions, and information flooding, and develops our problem-solving, decision-making, and interaction skills.

In mindfulness training, you will learn the skills of a conscious presence, the development of which, among other things, strengthens the ability to concentrate, increases the flexibility of the mind and helps with recovery from adversity, i.e. resilience.


The corona and the state of emergency of the world have brought with us a better understanding than before of the importance of maintaining hope and a benevolent attitude even in difficult times. A key skill for the wellbeing of the mind is compassion and self-compassion.

Compassion training provides the tools to meet yourself and others in an accepting and compassionate way. Among other things, compassion skills increase togetherness and sharing, support resilience and strengthen the ability to face adversity (resilience), and increase (work) well-being.

Relationship with others and interaction

Positive interaction

In today’s working life, it is important to be able to work both with different people and in different groups. More and more work is being done in teams, but not necessarily with the same team, but team configurations can vary. Thus, the importance of collaboration and interaction skills is emphasized. One has to be able to listen to others and negotiate positively and constructively in different situations with different people for joint goals.

Positive interaction at workplace training provides you tools for, among other things, active listening, appreciative interaction, and for helping to identify one’s own typical ways of communicating.

Presentation and facilitation skills in working life

By developing your presentation skills, you can strengthen the effectiveness of the message you want and convince your audience, including the virtual audience.

Facilitation skills are needed to enhance the work of groups and teams and to improve group interaction. Facilitation helps, among other things, in brainstorming and clarifies the solution of problems.

In facilitation training you will learn the basic techniques and skills for facilitating the work of groups of different sizes.

Managing workload

Time and mind management

In the mind management training you will learn to schedule and organize your tasks in such a way that you can always focus on the task at hand. The training gives you concrete tools to plan your workday and work tasks as well as helps to understand the bigger picture of mind management.


Read more about timetolevelup campaign and community here.

Future of work and VUCA world

The work is changing faster than before. Change occurs at work at the macro, meso and micro levels. At the macro level, artificial intelligence, automation and robotization, and virtual technologies are gradually changing the structural distribution of the workforce. At the meso level, new types of networks are emerging in organizations and “organizational charts” are being reorganized. At the micro level, there are changes in how the time and place of doing work are separated from work, unlike before. You can read more about Aalto's "Future of Work" network here.

The concept of VUCA is borrowed from military leadership (VUCA = Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) to describe an unstable operating environment. Our world is unstable, vague, complex, and ambiguous/confusing.


Resilience is the hot word of the current pandemia; How to cope with the new and the unknown, both at work and private life. Resilience is a essential part of what makes a person and an organization strong. It is the ability of the individual and the group to cope with the challenges they face, and to develop even stronger with them. Overcoming adversity is at the heart of humanity, a key thread of vitality, and it is often necessary to support and strengthen it.

Career coaching


In mentoring programs, as an actor, you get new perspectives and ideas for your own development, sparring and support from an experienced mentor. By acting as a mentor, you get to help the actor develop and move forward by sharing your own valuable experiences for his or her use. At the same time, you will also gain new insights and understanding of the world represented by the actor. More about mentoring here.

Work coaching

Work coaching helps to structure one's own work and to explore issues, experiences and feelings related to the work community and one's own work role. Work coaching provides an opportunity to reflect one's own personal style of action, strengths and places for development from the perspective of self leadership. See more about work coaching here.

Career coaching

Career coaching that supports career planning helps to think deeply and realistically about what the person wants from his or her career, what he or she is willing to invest in, and what he or she wants to aim for. Coaching clarifies the short- and long-term goals of the person regarding their own career.

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