Training for self-leadership and career planning

Fast-paced working life and constant change call for open and positive attitude, flexibility and problem solving skills and willingness. You can improve your ability to face work life’s challenges by developing your self-management skills. On this page read more about self-leadership skills, what you can accomplish by improving self-leadership skills and how to improve them.
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Self-leadership and career planning trainings in Workday Learning

You will find self-leadership and career planning trainings in Workday Learning -application

By developing your self-management skills, you will learn to:

  1. Plan your time management. By planning and scheduling your work, you can focus on execution. You will learn to prioritise your tasks and act efficiently. You cannot control time but you can control your choices. With your choices, you take responsibility of leading your own work.
  2. Take responsibility on your learning and development. You will learn to recognise your competence needs and you will want to improve at your job. No one else is responsible for your development but yourself.
  3. Respect your work. Each job requires expertise. Be proud of what you do and strive to become a professional at your job.
  4. Take a positive attitude. You will learn to see your work, working community, changes and challenges in a positive light. You will take responsibility on your occupational well-being, coping at work and recovery.
  5. Take responsibility on the functionality of the work community. You take responsibility on playing by the rules. You understand your own and others’ role in the work community, how to accomplish your tasks, how you support others in their work, how you communicate, how to give and receive feedback etc.
  6. Do things with heart. You will develop your emotional intelligence and related skills such as self-control, avoiding own interpretations, settling skills and the ability and willingness to ask and give forgiveness. Emotional intelligence and genuine presence are important for managing your life and work.

How to improve your self-leadership skills?

People who manage themselves in a balanced manner handle the pressures, challenges and haste of the work better. They often experience less stress and consider their work and life in general more meaningful. They act in an efficient, self-steering and motivated manner. Here as listed, are different themes of self-leadership skills you can improve. Below this page you can find out the upcoming staff training possibilities for improving these skills. 

Time management

  • In the time management courses you will learn to schedule and organize your tasks in such a way that you can always focus on the task at hand.


  • During the mindfulness trainings, you will learn to be mindfully present which helps you identifying stress and recovering from it, concentrating, and communicating and interacting with others.


  • During the mentoring program, you as a mentee will gain new viewpoints and ideas on your personal development targets as well as encouragement and support from an experienced mentor. When acting as a mentor, you get to help the mentee to develop and advance by sharing your valuable experiences. In the meantime, you will gain new viewpoints and insight on the world the mentee represents.

Supervision and coaching

  • Supervision and self-leadership coaching help you to structure your work, examine questions, experiences and feelings related to working community and your own role. They provide you with an opportunity to reflect your personal way of working, your strengths and development needs from the self-management point of view.

Career planning

  • Career coaching that supports career planning helps you to reflect on what you want from your career, what you are ready to invest and what do you aim for in a profound and realistic manner. The coaching will clarify your short and long-term objectives considering your career.
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