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Leap for Learning for Learning Services Personnel

The number of students and lifelong learners is likely to increase in the future, and so is the digital collaboration between universities. Leap for Learning helps us get ready for these challenges already today by integrating the development targets of Sisu, the service platform and process harmonisation into a single, cohesive package.
consulting staff on using Sisu

Sisu – the Student information system

Three smiling persons and the text "let's move on with Sisu"


Basic information about Aalto's core information system for teaching and studying.

Logo of the Sisu student information system

Link to Sisu ( (external link)

Link to the web interface of the Sisu student information system.

Two human figures and the text "Sisu Help".

Sisu Help: Sisu instructions for administration and teachers ( (external link)

Website where you can find instructions how to use Sisu student information system for Aalto administration and teachers.

Illustrative picture of how start with Trailhead learning environment

Trailhead - Free learning environment for hands on practice (external link)

Get inspired and learn different features and functionalities of service platform.

Benefits for personnel

  • Enable scalable support services for increasing numbers of students and lifelong learners

  • Information systems support daily work, which also means less manual work

  • Transparency and easy access to information enables improved communication and better service quality

  • Concentrating on value adding encounters for students and faculty

Learning Services – enabling success

Learning Services (LES) supports future-oriented learning and the smoothness of daily work.

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