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Leap for Learning for Students

Leap for Learning will bring people, processes, information, and the community together for a new, digital experience of Aalto. The aim of Leap for Learning is to develop the teaching and learning services at Aalto.

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Leap for Learning consists of Sisu, service platform and process harmonization projects. Sisu replaced in August 2021, enabling efficient planning of your studies, course registrations and tracking your studies. Aalto Service Platform will incrementally provide most student services from academic advising to student communities. MyCourses will continue to be the center of teaching and course experience. 

How do I plan my studies?

Your personal study plan (HOPS) serves as the basis for your planning, registration and preparation for studies.

All degree students at Aalto (i.e. Bachelor's, Master's and doctoral students) plan their studies in Sisu.

Go to Making a personal study plan (HOPS)

How do I find course offering?

The new course catalogue has been built on the Aalto Service Platform. It is open for all and will provide new ways of exploring Aalto's study offerings.

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Courses can be searched also via Sisu Search where courses can be added to one's course cart, in which they can be picked to the study plan.

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How do I register for courses? Where can I find my grades?

Registering for courses and examinations takes place through your study plan in Sisu. Course grades can also be seen there.

More information about SISU for students

How do I apply for graduation?

You apply for graduation via Sisu based on your personal study plan.

More information about SISU for students

How can I incorporate studies in my degree by credit transfer?

A credit transfer application function has become available on Sisu.

More information about credit transfer on Sisu

How do I apply for extended time for my studies

Applications for extensions will be submitted through Sisu.

More information on applying for an extension

Logo of the Sisu student information system

Link to Sisu ( (external link)

Link to the web interface of the Sisu student information system.

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Sisu Help: Sisu instructions for administration and teachers ( (external link)

Website where you can find instructions how to use Sisu student information system for Aalto administration and teachers.

How do I get academic advising and support?

Student guidance and support will be tested on the Aalto Service Platform during the academic year 2021-2022. The functionality will be provided for all Aalto students by the beginning of fall term 2022.

With the new appointment scheduling tool as a student you can:

  • Find your own team of experts to advise you on your particular questions
  • Book, view and cancel appointments with your team members
  • Receive any pre-tasks from your advisors to do before a meeting
  • View upcoming, cancelled and past appointments

Read more about guidance and advising in the Service Platform (log-in required)

Will MyCourses change?

Learning activities during courses are focused on MyCourses, Aalto's online learning environment. Practices remain unchanged in this respect.

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How do I apply to Aalto University as a student?

You apply to Aalto university as a student  through Opintopolku as before. Customer service regarding admissions is handled on the Aalto service platform.

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What does the change aim for?

  • Student guidance and Advising will be gradually implemented for all Aalto students in 2021. Advising will be expanded to include support for wellbeing, recreation and other university functions.
  • Your personal Student Dashboard will provide you even more daily information about your tasks, study progress and the community, including recent data from SISU and MyCourses.
  • Thesis management will be facilitated in the Aalto Service Platform. This will include making it easier to find topics, facilitating meetings, and submitting the final thesis for grading.
  • Aalto will start to communicate with you in more personalized ways. You will get information relevant to your interests and current relationship with the university.
  • We will look at ways to enhance admissions through the Aalto Service Platform.

The future after 2022

  • All major student services will eventually be accessed through the Aalto Service Platform, even when facilitated by other systems.
  • New communities for students, alumni, student clubs and the whole community will provide a new level of engagement for lifewide learning.
  • Advanced analytics and artificial intelligence will give you up to date information on your study progress, and suggestions on how to engage with the university.

Benefits for students and lifelong learners

  • Personal Aalto services in one place for full engagement in Aalto community
  • Services available anywhere, anytime
  • Visibility to Aalto course offering to ensure relevant skills for future work life
  • Graduation according to the learner’s personal schedules and goals
  • Support for lifelong learning, multidisciplinary studies and mobility
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Basic information about Aalto's core information system for teaching and studying.

IT Service Desk

IT services for students

IT Services (ITS) provides many services for students eg. email, computer classrooms, campus wifi, printing services.

Learning Services – enabling success

Learning Services (LES) supports future-oriented learning and the smoothness of daily work.

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