HR Services contact information - University Joint Service Units

HR Services at the University Joint Units supports managers and units in human resources management. Contact details for HR Services personnel at the University Joint service units are listed below.

HR Manager of University Joint Service Units

HR contact at Research Services RES

HR contact at Innovation and Eco-system Services IES

HR contact at Learning Services LES

HR contact at Communications Services COS

HR contact at Financial Services FIS

HR contact at Human Resource Services HRS

HR contact at IT Services ITS

HR contact at Leadership Support Services LSS

HR contact at Advancement and Corporate Engagement ADCO

HR contact at Legal Services LEGAL

HR contact at Secretarial Services SES

HR contact at Aalto University Security and Lobby Services

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The services provide support for research, teaching, and art and creative practices and to faculty and students.

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HR Services

We at HR Services are here to support your work and managerial duties carried out at Aalto. We are available to help at every stage of the employment relationship. On this page you can find links to employment related information and contact information of the HR Services.

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HR Services

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