Groups, workshops and online materials for supporting wellbeing and study ability

Here you'll find information on our groups, workshops and online material for well-being, study skills and coping. The pages are administered by the Starting Point of Wellbeing. The groups and workshops are conducted in Finnish or English.

Online Co-studying and other activities (no registration required)

Groups and workshops in English (registration required)

Here are our groups and workshops offered in English. We also offer groups in Finnish - if you are looking for those, please change the language of this page to Finnish.

Online material

Online Courses via MyCourses

Here you can find our self-help and other online courses (MyCourses) in English. If you are looking for Finnish or Swedish online courses, change the language of this page.

Study Skills

Study skills consist of a number of areas, such as the management of study methods, self-management, acting in a community and regulation of personal emotions. Study skills are something you can learn, and these pages include ideas for developing your skills as well as links for sources of additional information.


Personal Impact

Personal Impact brings to light already existing courses in Aalto University on values and meaningfulness, self-leadership, societal impact, human potential and well-being.

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Starting Point of Wellbeing

The Starting Point of Wellbeing offers students easy access to counselling and advice on matters of well-being and study ability. The services available to you include drop-in (no reservation) advising/counselling sessions, peer support groups, and online materials. You can also make an appointment to receive individual counselling.

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Where to get guidance and support?

Guidance and support for study planning, study wellbeing, and career reflections for Aalto students.

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Beat the Blues! brings international students together and supports wellbeing

Aalto international students: welcome to share experiences in a relaxed atmosphere and to gain insights on topics related to living in Finland. With Beat the Blues -events Starting Point of Wellbeing offers you a safe space to make new friends and maybe learn something new about surviving - and thriving - in Finland.

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