Digital services for teaching

The Teacher Services team offers support for teaching and learning. Our work centres around both developing new services and maintaining those we already have. User support and training are a central part of our work.
Looking at course information on MyCourses

Aalto University offers a variety of services that make teaching and learning motivating and rewarding. Much effort is put in storing and safeguarding all the necessary study-related information and data. 

The Teacher Services team supports teaching and academic guidance, the learning platform MyCourses, Panopto, Turnitin and other digital tools for teaching, and also the electronic assessment service EXAM.

Digitalisation brings new inspiring opportunities enabling flexible and diverse learning, learning support and assessment. Electronic services allow you to stay in touch regardless of time and place. One can, say, recall a lecture from a video and be assured that course and study material is always accessible wherever one may go.

We specialise in supporting and guiding the teaching staff in pedagogical and academic matters, in the selection of learning technology, and in the development of teaching and digital services supporting teaching and learning. We take care of maintaining digital solutions in collaboration with IT services.

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More information on the team's services

The documentation for the various platforms is at Please send your support requests to the platform- or system-specific service addresses that are on the introductory page of the corresponding platform or system. The team's service is MyTeaching Support.

Aalto's most extensively-used services

Image of MyCourses interface view before logging in

MyCourses digital learning environment

MyCourses is the learning environment for Aalto University courses. With MyCourses, teachers can share course material, resources and other content. A teacher can set up and grade assignments, quizzes and workshops. MyCourses also provides tools for collaboration and interaction with students.

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Basic information about Aalto's core information system for teaching and studying.

panopto logo and computer

Panopto media service

Panopto media service for uploading and sharing videos and for creating video captures and webcasts.

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Digital learning assessment and online examination

Digital, or online assessment enables flexibility in studies, and allows to reimagine assessment methods. Aalto has several digital assessment and online examination services: MyCourses assignments and activities, remotely proctored exams, EXAM, Turnitin and Safe Exam Browser (SEB).

On this page, you will find brief descriptions of all our services, along with helpful links. These services are not only supported by the university, but they are also secure and adaptable to various situations.

Looking at course information on MyCourses

Teacher services

The Teacher services team advances learning centricity and the quality of teaching by offering support services for the teaching staff. The team is a part of Learning Services.

Kuvassa kaksi opiskelijaa tutkii tietokoneen ruutua pöydän molemmiin puolin.Photo: Unto Rautio

Learning Services

Aalto University Learning Services (LES) is responsible for all services which facilitate the smooth progression of studies at the university.

IT Service Desk

IT services

Aalto University IT is a service unit, which supports the operations of the university by meeting the users and units’ needs concerning data systems, telecommunication networks and IT devices along with the Aalto organization.

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