Components for hub landing pages

There are a few components that can only be used at so called hub landing pages at These include components which are strong brand elements, and which are meant to provide a bold moment, to break the monotony of content and give a strong visual highlight. Components only for select hubs are also explained, such as the hero components.
Screenshot of the webpage component Content highlight at

Content highlight

The content highlight component can be used at hubs to display a maximum of 6 liftups to other hubs and/or content pages. You can change the order of the chosen (6) liftups by dragging and dropping them in the edit mode. On the right, an example of the content highlight.

Use this component to showcase the most timely relevant and interesting articles.

Content highlights component for hub front page
School branding – how to implement it?

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Drupal image for Comms use only. Abstract graphic with orange semi-circles and squares on a red background..

Components: how to create content for

Get to know the components for creating versatility and visuality when delivering your content.

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