AllWell? questionnaire

AllWell? questionnaire is sent to all Aalto’s 2nd year bachelor's and 1st year master's students every year. Its purpose is to collect information on students’ ability to study, motivation, teaching and peer support.

The survey is conducted every spring among second-year bachelor’s degree students and first-year master’s degree students.  Its purpose is to collect information on students’ ability to study, motivation, teaching and peer support. Conceptual model used in structuring the ability to study is The study ability model (Kunttu, 2005) that divides study ability into student's own resources, study skills and motivation, teaching and study environment.

Study well-being inventory AllWell? is based on HowULearn questionnaire, developed in the University of Helsinki (see Parpala & Lindblom-Ylänne, 2012), complemented with questions measuring students' own resources. 

Statistical summaries based on the responses will be compiled for Aalto University. Responses given by individual students cannot be identified from the summaries.

Study ability model_measures and references
Study ability model (Kunttu, K., 2005)

Contact persons

AllWell? questionnaire and data privacy notice 

Examples of AllWell data based actions in Aalto

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Guidance and support for students

Guidance and support for study wellbeing, study planning and career reflections for Aalto students.

Starting Point of Wellbeing

Starting Point of Wellbeing

The Starting Point of Wellbeing offers students advice and guidance on services related to wellbeing.

Study at Aalto
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Personal Impact

Personal Impact brings to light already existing courses in Aalto University on values and meaningfulness, self-leadership, societal impact, human potential and well-being.

Study at Aalto
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Study well-being questionnaire AllWell? and the development of teaching at Aalto University

With the help of the annual study well-being questionnaire AllWell?, we gain research-based knowledge for planning actions for pedagogical development. The summaries of the results, regarding each programme/department, are delivered to the Programme heads and Deans.

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Aallon uudet opiskelijat luennolla

Individual study arrangements

Each Aalto student has a right to reasonable individual study arrangements due to an impairment restricting his/her ability to study or other health condition.


Supporting student wellbeing and ability to study

After replying to the AllWell? questionnaire, the students get personal feedback on their strengths as well as tips for personal development in study skills and study well-being.

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