Master's Programme in Security and Cloud Computing (SECCLO)

Planning your studies

What is a personal study plan?

Personal study plan (also known as HOPS = henkilökohtainen opintosuunnitelma) is the student’s plan for completing the degree. It includes study blocks included in the degree (1st year: common studies, summer school, internship + 2nd year: specialisation, thesis), courses included in the study blocks and schedule for completing the degree, i.e. the courses placed in study years, terms and teaching periods.

In the beginning of 1st autumn semester, you will create your study plan for the whole 1st academic year at Aalto. The 60 ECTS of the first year consist of compulsory courses, 2-5 ECTS summer school, 2-5 ECTS internship and elective courses. Please see SECCLO 1st year curriculum for more information.

You will apply for your second year specialization during your first year at Aalto. Exit universities will select suitable SECCLO students for their specializations. For more information, please see selection of second-year specialization. You can find the second year curricula here. Please note that these pages are to be updated.

Key dates

Practical training

Internship (2-5 ECTS credits) is a mandatory part of the SECCLO programme, and takes place during the late spring/summer between 1st and 2nd academic year of the programme. Internship is part of the 1st year studies at Aalto University. On this page, you will find more information about the SECCLO internship.

Credit transfer

Career planning

Please see Careers and employability at SECCLO website for more information on career paths of SECCLO alumni.

Please see the key dates for information on events recommended for all SECCLO students, organized either by Aalto University or other organizations.

Student newsletters

Scuuppi is a newsletter for students of School of Science. Scuuppi comes out at the end of each teaching period.


Career Design Lab: Career Services

Career Services for students.


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