Master's Programme in Security and Cloud Computing (SECCLO)

Recommended timetable

On this page you will find the recommended study timetables for the first academic year in SECCLO programme. During the first year, you will study at Aalto University. The second year studies take place in one of the SECCLO consortium universities (for more information, please see SECCLO second-year curriculum).

Academic year 2024-2025

Academic year 2023-2024

SECCLO model schedules for autumn and spring terms

These model schedules include SECCLO curriculum courses to help you design your schedule. Normally, you would choose one exercise group, even though all the options are visible. Please note that week numbers are specified on the model schedule, but check exact teaching times and places from MyCourses.

Abbreviations on the schedule:

    L01 = lecture
    XXH_ = exercise group, H0_ = exercise group. Normally, choose one exercise group.
    T01,2, KT = exam
    XXP_ = small group

Examinations of School of Science 2023–2024

This page lists examinations organized by the School of Science (SCI) during academic year 2023–2024. Most of these pdf files will not be updated; for any changes please check the course information in Sisu.

ET Separate exam for courses which can be completed by only taking an exam (not attending lectures or exercises or returning any assignments).
KT Course exam (kurssitentti). The first exam held right after the course ends. No separate registration – registration for the course that just ended = registration for this exam. However, you should register for the largest CS exams.
T0 An exam held at the same time as a course exam. It is intended for students who have attended the course (or a parallel course) earlier. Registration is required. Before registering, make sure to check in MyCourses/Sisu what is required for completing the course and whether it is possible to take this exam.
VK Midterm exam (välikoe)

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