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IDBM ARTS instructions

From this section, IDBM ARTS students will find important information and instructions on their studies.

Starting your studies

Welcome to School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Congratulations for the admission and welcome to study at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture! On this page you will find instructions for starting your studies and the orientation programme.

The orientation week will be held on 26 - 30 August 2024. Prepare to be present daily at 9-16. The first courses will begin on Monday 2 September.

The schedule of orientation week will be updated to this page.

Orientation week

The orientation week takes place between 26 - 30 August 2024. Prepare to be present daily at 9-16. The first courses will begin on Monday 2 September.

Participating in orientation is an important part of starting university studies. During the orientation week, you will familiarize yourself with studying, future courses, the study environment, and university practices. You will also receive information about the available services and get to know your fellow students, tutors, and university staff.

Opening of the academic year 2024–2025 aka Aalto Day One event will take place on Tuesday 3 September. All members of the Aalto community are welcome to celebrate!

Schedule for the orientation

Remember to go through our Digital Preorientation beforehand: Digital Preorientation in MyCourses

Changes to the program are possible, and they will be updated on this page.

Monday 26 August 2024

Time Programme Place

Welcome to School of Arts, Design and Architecture

  • Dean, Tuomas Auvinen
  • Manager of Student Affairs, Iiris Kauppila
  • Aalto ARTS Student Services introduction
  • Tokyo´s and AYY´s greetings

Studying in School of Arts, Design and Architecture

  • TAITE-studies (Transdiciplinary Art Studies)
  • Learning services & studentservices team: topics related to starting your studies
Place will be updated during summer 2024. 
  Break / Lunch  

Lecture: ARTS infra and workshops

The School of Arts, Design and Architecture offers a wide range of workshops to cater to various interests, including sewing, 3D printing, woodworking, and more. During the lecture, you will learn important principles for working at the workshops.

Undergraduate Centre, lecture hall B (Y205), Y-wing, 2nd floor

Street address: Otakaari 1, Espoo

Tuesday 29 August 2023

Programme will be updated.

Wednesday 30 August 2023

Programme will be updated.

Thursday 29 August 2024

Time Programme Place

Aalto Welcome Fair

At the fair, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the diverse services provided by Aalto University and our partners. At the exhibition booths, you can participate in activities, ask questions, and get to know people who can support you in your student life. For more information and participants, please see: 

The link for Aalto Welcome Fair 2024 will be updated

Undergraduate Centre hall

Street address: Otakaari 1, Espoo


Pop-up study guidance clinic

Do you need help with course registration or do you have any other questions regarding the start of your studies? Feel free to drop by anytime between 10 AM and 11.30 PM! Participation is optional.

Väre, R102 IT-room, 1st floor.

Street address: Otaniementie 14, Espoo.

Inside the Väre building, take the entrance opposite of Aalto store. The entrance has stairs.

Accessible route from the main entrance of Väre is as follows: Go straight ahead from the main entrance, following the pathway on the left side of the downwards stairs (a gentle incline). Continue forward and turn left. Pass by the elevators and enter the lobby through the glass doors in front of you.

For both entrances, you will need an access token. You can activate the token in advance after activating your Aalto user ID. Please see the instructions:
How to get an access token and access rights
Access token registration and activation for students

13.30-14.30 Break / Aalto Welcome Fair  

Lecture: Better student life at Aalto

During the lecture you will get a concise overview of who supports you in various situations during your studies. At Aalto, you are not alone!

Undergraduate Centre, Lecture hall U2 (U157), U-wing, 1st floor

Street address: Otakaari 1, Espoo

Friday 1 September 2023

Programme will be updated.

Planning your studies

Take time to plan your studies. You have to make important decisions in different stages of your studies:

  • How to plan the studies so that it's possible to graduate in time?
  • What studies to include in your degree?
  • What minor studies to take?
  • Should the studies include an exchange period or an internship abroad?
  • What projects to include in studies?
  • What is the subject of thesis work?

You build your own, individual study plan which helps you to define your studies as a whole. Well planned studies are a key to successful studies.

You can view your degree structure and information on courses and study modules in Sisu once you’ve made a HOPS study plan.


Sisu instructions

Your study plan automatically shows the courses and study modules that are compulsory, i.e. those you are required to complete in order to graduate. For your elective (optional) studies module, you can find courses by using the search function either in Sisu’s ‘selection assistant’ or on the Search page (click Search on the upper banner).

Personal study plan

Practical tool to define your own study path is called Personal Study Plan (PSP or Finnish HOPS). The personal study plan is drawn up and approved by the student and the persons appointed by the degree programme together. Although HOPS is mandatory document, it is also a useful tool for you to keep up with your studies. At best it shows you at which stage your studies are and it sets concrete milestones that you can follow.

HOPS tools that are in use in Aalto ARTS:


Guide for using Sisu

You can update the plan as needed, but the main goal is to make a realistic plan to support your studies. Please note that you need a valid plan for example to apply for exchange or minor studies.

Sisu support

If you can not find answers in instructions and have problems with your PSP or course registration in Sisu, you can come and visit our Sisu clinic, where we can check individually, how to manage the problem. Clinic is not a lecture about Sisu. The clinic is suitable for undergraduate students. Next clinics and links to them:

Sisu clinics in the spring semester 2024
ZOOM link is the same for all clinics:

16.1. 10–11.30
19.1. 13-14.30

13.2. 13-14.30
16.2. 10-11.30

14.3. 12.30-14
15.3. 13-14.30

16.4. 10-11.30
25.4. 10-11.30

7.5. 13-14.30
14.5. 10-11.30
23.5. 12.30-14

6.6. 12.30-14
7.6. 10-11.30
17.6. 10-11.30

Instructions on studying

The guidance counsellor of ARTS

With the guidance counsellor, you can talk about all matters related to your studies and future plans, get help with structuring your thoughts and get support for broader study planning and goal setting. The guidance counsellor can also help when you would like to talk with someone about your studies but are not sure whom to contact.

The guidance counsellor can help if you want to, for example,

  • Reflect your strengths and interests
  • Dxplore different study options (minors, study exchange etc.)
  • Discuss any subject concerning your studies that puzzles you (motivation, change of program/field etc.)

You can reserve time via MyStudies. The length of the appointment is 45 minutes and available times (ca. 3/week) are on different weekdays.

Transition paths from bachelor's programmes to master's programmes in the School of Arts, Design and Architecture

On this page, you can find information about the transition paths from bachelor's programmes to master's programmes in the School of Arts, Design and Architecture that require a separate application process.

Transition paths from bachelor's programmes to master's programmes in the School of Arts, Design and Architecture
students working

Aalto ARTS education portfolio reform 2022

Information about ARTS education portfolio renewal for students and teachers.

Student Guide illustration, news items

Enrol for spring 2024 in Oili (27 Nov. to 5 Jan.)

Enrol for spring term 2024 by using the Oili enrolment and registration service from 27 November 2023 to 5 January 2024.


Language study requirements for ARTS MA students 2022-2024

Elective art and theory studies in ARTS 2022-2024

Completing your master's thesis

Before starting to write your thesis, read the instructions below, Master's Thesis Guide (in Finnish here) (in Swedish here) for students and familiarize yourself with copyright issues.


After Graduation

ARTS contacts

School of Arts, Design and Architecture Learning Services

Useful links

Applications, instructions and guidelines

The academic policies and regulations of Aalto University as well as instructions and applications.

Student Guide illustration, applications, instructions and guidelines

Support for Studying

Support for Studying

Student guide illustration, support for studying

IT services for students

IT Services (ITS) provides many services for students eg. email, computer classrooms, campus wifi, printing services.

IT Service Desk


Aalto University's campus in Otaniemi is the home of an innovative community.

Explore the campus virtually at

School of business students sitting in front of the campus and laughing

Workshops - Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture

At the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, hands-on learning is essential. Our students have access to one of the finest workshop environment in the world, with a very high workshop to student ratio.

sewing workshop

Väre Takeout

Väre Takeout is an equipment lending service with diverse AV and IT equipment. Nowadays part of Aalto Studios. Studies and research have the highest priority in our operation, but everyone in Aalto community is welcome to use our services.

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