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International review - TEE 2020

The international review is conducted as a remote visit at the university with the target of assessing Aalto’s programme portfolio and education offerings from an international perspective.

The international review is conducted by an international review panel. The panel will have a 5-day remote visit at Aalto University in December 2020. The panel has also a pre-task before the remote visit in preparation for the evaluation. 

The panel has members representing the different fields of study and education at the university. The panel will meet the university and school leaderships, programme directors, student representation and other relevant participants.

The panel has access to all review data of the evaluation process before the international review, i.e. programme self-evaluation, peer evaluation, programme vision and stakeholder review. The outcome of the international review is a report with development recommendations.

TEE 2020_International Review Panel
TEE 202 International Review Panel Bios
TEE 2020 International Review evaluation report
TEE 2020 International Review summary

Teaching and learning evaluation exercise – TEE

The target of TEE 2020 is to identify needs for future development in education at Aalto, and make visible and evaluate the achievements during the 10 Aalto years.

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