Micronova is part of OtaNano - Finland's national research infrastructure for micro- and nanotechnology. It is run jointly by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Aalto University. Our mission is to develop innovative, enabling technologies, and to apply these in practical micro- and nanosystems. Research at Micronova focuses on micro and nanotechnology, material and device physics, and optics.
Micronova cleanroom kuva: Aino Huovio

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Otanano infrastructure Photo: Mikko Raskinen

Micronova - part of OtaNano

Micoronova is a part of OtaNano, which offers facilities in micro- and nanofabrication, nanomicroscopy, low-temperature measurements, and quantum engineering.

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Some of Aalto Research Groups at Micronova

Electron Physics

Professor Hele Savin

Hele Savin Group

Micro and Quantum Systems

Professor Ilkka Tittonen

Artistic illustration of photoelectrochemical water splitting reaction at atomic level


Professor Markku Sopanen

Etched GaN surface


Professor Zhipei Sun

Nanowire optical gate

Optics and Photonics

The research of the Optics and Photonics group covers a range of topics of modern optics and photonics, encompassing various aspects of light-matter interaction, optical coherence and polarization, development of methods to manipulate light with nano- and micro-structures, design and construction of novel light sources, optical metamaterials and optical imaging.


Quantum Computing and Devices (QCD)

We have a major effort on experimental low-temperature physics, but we also carry out computational and theoretical work down to fundamental quantum mechanics.

Pico - Quantum Phenomena and Devices

We investigate mesoscopic physics and its sensor applications. The main focus is on charge transport and thermal properties of metallic, superconducting and hybrid nanostructures.



Honorary doctors 2024
Lectures and seminars

Honorary Doctors' Talks 13 June 2024

The five honorary doctors of Aalto University give insights in their areas of expertise. Open to all audience, welcome!
The image depicts a vintage oscilloscope displaying a green waveform next to an old signal generator, with a piece of paper cont
Public defences

Public defence in Speech and Language Technology, M.Sc. Ragheb Al-Ghezi

This PhD thesis developed AI systems to assess speaking skills in Finnish and Swedish using self-supervised learning with Wav2vec2, improving ASR accuracy.
A forest in the background, text Unite! Widening EU Mission Adaptation to climate change 18 June 2024
Information sessions, Workshops

Learn about “EU Mission Adaptation to climate change” programmes and funding calls

The event aims to present the possibilities of participating in the EU Mission Adaptation to Climate Change programs and calls.
Doctoral hat floating above a speaker's podium with a microphone
Public defences

Public defence in Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering, M.Sc.(Tech.) Verner Püvi

Photovoltaic Hosting Capacity of Distribution Networks (title of the thesis)

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Micronova cleanroom kuva: Aino Huovio
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