Companies at Micronova

Micronova is an open research environment and we welcome companies to use the facilities and the combined expertise of Aalto and VTT in the area of micro and nanotechnology. We can offer dedicated laboratories and office space.
An Aalto pen lying on the page of a study book, students working in the background / photo by Aalto University, Aino Huovio

The following companies are currently using Micronova’s R&D facilities:

  • Advaplan Oy
  • Advacam - One-stop shop of hybrid pixel radiation sensors
  • Aivon Oy - SQUID detectors, cryogenic detectors and low-noise readout electronics
  • Ajat Oy - X-ray imaging systems 
  • Beneq Oy - Equipment and technology for functional coatings
  • HS Foils Oy Design and manufacturing of ultrathin X-ray windows
  • Okmetic Oyj - Silicon Wafers
  • Picosun Oy - Atomic Layer Deposition tools for nanotechnology
  • Prismasonic Oy
  • Silecs Oy - Dielectric materials for microelectronics
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