Open science and research

Open science and research

Open science is an important way to promote science and ensure that it will benefit the whole society and enable collaboration and innovation.

Aalto University supports open science in its research community and by doing so aims at gaining the benefits of openness: the societal impact of research increases, the speed of innovation grows, the high quality and transparency of science are ensured, and research results are openly accessible in helping to solve global problems.


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Open Science support contacts

What is open science and research?

The principle of openness is the key principle of science and research. At Aalto University, the most visible forms of open science are open access publications, open research data and open research culture.

Last year in figures

We have 4818 research outputs, 73 datasets, 214 prizes, 1358 activities, and 1713 press and media appearances from the year 2021 on the Aalto University research portal. Out of all the peer-reviewed scientific publications in 2021, 82 % were published open access, making open access publishing the predominant publishing method at Aalto University.

82 percent

82 % of all of our peer-reviewed scientific publications were published open access in 2021.

Number 4818 inside a round shape

There are 4818 research outputs published in 2021 on the research portal. Find these and more.

Number 73 inside a round shape

Our records show information on 73 datasets from the year 2021. Read more.

Number 214 inside a round shape

Aalto University staff and students won 214 prizes in 2021. Read more.

Number 1358 inside a round shape

We recorded a total of 1358 varied academic activities in 2021. Read more.

Number 1713 inside a round shape

In 2021, our researchers had 1713 press and media appearances. Find these and more.

Aalto University research outputs should be as open as possible, as closed as necessary.

Vice President of Research Ossi Naukkarinen
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Aalto University Open Science and Research Policy

The goals of open science are responsible research and societal impact.
Open science means open access to scientific publications, research data, methods, software codes, and infrastructure. It is a key instrument for increasing the impact of the research conducted at Aalto University.

Open science and research
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Research Data Management (RDM) and Open Science

Properly managed research data creates competitive edge and is an important part of a high-quality research process. Here you will find links to support, services and instructions for research data management.

An image describing the benefits of open access (for example findability, impact, visibility, higher citation rates, compliance with grant rules, value for taxpayers)

Open Access Publishing

Open access to publications ensures that scientific publications are accessible to everyone free of charge.

Open science and research
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Services and resources supporting open access

Aalto University open publication archive consists of ACRIS Research Information System and Aaltodoc publications archive. Moreover, Aalto University offers other resources to support open access.

Open science and research
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Culture of Open Scholarship

Open science has become a significant way of making science more reproducible and transparent and increasing its societal impact.

Open science and research
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Kimmo Kovanen joined Research Services as Information Specialist

Kimmo Kovanen works in the Open Science and ACRIS team.
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Learn How to Properly Manage Research Data

We offer free training in research data management and open science. Register now!
Aalto University's Research Portal
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The Most Downloaded Open Access Publications in portal

35 open access publications have more than 1,000 downloads and 6,200 publications over 100 downloads.
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Changes to the Open Access Publishing Requirements of the Academy of Finland

The Academy of Finland has announced it will require Plan S compliant immediate open access publishing from projects that have received funding from calls opened 1.1.2021 onwards.

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Open access agreements with publishers

Take advantage of the open access agreements we have with the publishers. Under the agreements, Aalto affiliated corresponding authors can publish their articles without the open access fees (APC) or get discounts on them.

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Researcher Identification and Research Profiles

Researcher identifiers aim to lessen the problems caused by ambiguity in researcher names. For example, common surnames, the changing of names and characters which don’t appear in English are making the evaluation and following of scholarly work more difficult. Identifiers make it much easier to process and administer publication information.

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Research and Innovation Services

Research Services, Innovation Ecosystem Services and Academic Legal Services support the research staff and Aalto management.

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National Research Information Hub and

The National Research Information Hub and portal offer a single source access to information on science and research in Finland. logo
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