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The National Research Information Hub and portal increase the visibility and societal impact of Finnish research by offering a single source access to information on science and research in Finland. With the Researcher's Profile tool, the researcher can create a profile on the portal and choose what information they want to be shown on the portal. logo

The National Research Information Hub, maintainde by CSC IT Center for Science,collects metadata on, for example, publications, research data, research infrastructures, and projects. The national portal makes the information visible and open to the public. also includes science and research news and funding calls.

Aalto University's researchers’ information was included in the service in 2022. Researchers need an ORCID identifier and the possibility to e-authenticate with to use the Researcher's profile tool. -portal

Researcher’s Profile tool

The law on the Research Information Hub entered into force at the beginning of 2022. This made the new Research’s Profile service possible. Information on researchers who are active in Finland is collected into a single service that is available in Finnish, Swedish, and English.

Researchers need an ORCID identifier and the possibility to e-authenticate with to create their public profiles. All data in the researcher’s profile is retrieved automatically from other sources. These sources include ORCID, Aalto research information management system, ACRIS (e.g. education, affiliation, merits), or other research information in (e.g. publications, research data, projects).

This ensures that the skills of the researchers and their contact details are up to date and easily accessible to decision-makers, research funders, research organisations, media, and companies looking for experts. The researcher will be able to show their whole expertise and affiliations on their profile regardless of organisational boundaries.

Researchers log in to the tool with their ORCID identifier and can incorporate information to the profile from the above-mentioned sources. The tool enables migrating data to other services used by the researchers. The researchers decide which information is shown and to whom on

International ORCID identifier (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) offers researchers a persistent and unique digital identifier. It is a series of numbers that differentiates researchers.

The principles of the tool

  1. Aalto researcher signs in with ORCID on the permission management page.
  2. Aalto researcher gives permission to transfer their information from ORCID and creates a profile in the Research Information Hub. The changes in ORCID are automatically updated in the hub.
  3. Aalto transfers researcher information from ACRIS to the hub, but the information is not shown without the permission of the researcher.
  4. Aalto researcher chooses what information is shown on the researcher’s profile page: from ORCID profile, ACRIS, or other information in the hub.
  5. Aalto researcher doesn’t modify information within the tool, but in the source systems (in ORCID or in ACRIS).
  6. Aalto researcher decides what information will be shown and to whom.

If you have questions about the service or ORCID, please contact the Open Science and ACRIS team ([email protected]) for more information.

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