Open Science and Research Summer Conference 2024 gathered open science experts from all over Finland

Over 90 participants attended in person and 90 listened in Zoom a range of presentations on artificial intelligence, legal and security issues and data management, alongside the latest news on open science activities in Finland. The event was organised by Aalto University, VTT and Open Science Coordination in Finland.
Anne Sunikka, Anton Sigfrids and Pekka Marttinen
Anne Sunikka, Anton Sigfrids and Pekka Marttinen. Photograph: Hanna-Mari Ylinen.
Anne Sunikka, Sampo Kukkonen and Jutta Suksi at Open Science and Research Summer Conference 2024
Anne Sunikka, Sampo Kukkonen and Jutta Suksi. Photograph: Hanna-Mari Ylinen.

The day started with a welcome speech by Ella Bingham, Head of Research Services. The first morning session focused on AI, with Associate Professor Pekka Marttinen discussing AI in healthcare and Research Scientist Anton Sigfrids from VTT exploring the ethical use of AI. After a short break, the focus shifted to legal and security issues. Senior Specialist Jutta Suksi from VTT addressed the challenges of data regulation, while Senior Legal Counsel Sampo Kukkonen from Aalto University discussed export control and security issues.

Professor Rupesh Vyas
Professor Rupesh Vyas. Photograph: Hanna-Mari Ylinen.

The afternoon sessions covered data cases and Data Management Plans (DMPs). Data cases were presented by Aalto University researchers. Professor Rupesh Vyas gave a presentation on data visualization, Doctoral student Anssi Moisio talked about Donate Speech dataset and its use cases, and Doctroal Student Henni Tenhunen shed light on data management in Daring Birth project. Staff Scientiest Enrico Glerean from Aalto University presented the Finnish Reproducibility Network, and Data Governance Lead Johanna Laiho-Kauranen from CSC discussed DMP consortium and Open Science Trails project. 

Playing Open Science Battle game
Playing Open Science Battle game. Photograph: Hanna-Mari Ylinen.

The event concluded with a session on National Open Science and Research Coordination, featuring updates on open science activities in Finland and Open Education Awards 2024.

During the breaks, participants had an opportunity to play Open Science Battle game, an adaptation of Open Science in Peril game by Katrine Sundsbø, Sarah Coombs, and Aisling Coyne.

We wish to express our warmest thanks to all presenters and participants of the event! The presentations will be available at the conference webpage

Read more (in Finnish): Painavaa asiaa arvopohjasta ja aineistojen avoimuudesta kesäpäivillä.

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