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Aalto Open Science results 2022

Overview of Aalto's open access publications 2022

In 2022, Aalto’s researchers published more publications open access than ever before. What are the changes we see in 2023?

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Research Data Management Key Metrics 2022

  • 33 webinars and workshops in collaboration with Aalto Scientific Computing, with a total of c. 2000 registrations (50 % from Aalto, 20 % from abroad, including registrations from North America, United Kingdom, South Africa and Europe)
  • Youtube videos watched over 2k times with a total running time of over 200 hours
  • 185 solved tickets
  • 53 commented DMPs
  • 181 new datasets
  • 44 Aalto data hub data sets
Researchers. Photo: Unto Rautio

Data Agent Highlights 2022

  • Webinars
  • Weekly support hour
  • Hands-on support and help related e.g. on research software, data acquisition, storage planning, metadata, data management plans
  • Tailored presentations for research groups
  • Datahub work
  • Positions of trust in national and international networks

Data Agents annual report 2022

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