Management of School of Electrical Engineering

The School of Electrical Engineering management site presents information regarding the decision-making processes of the school and the bodies involved.

Organisation and leadership

Information on the organisation and leadership of the School of Electrical Engineering.

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Contact information and services

Get in contact with School of Electrical Engineering management, experts and services.

Maarintie 8 at Aalto University campus

Strategic and operative management

Details on how the school's operations are directed and how planning works.

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Academic decision making

The primary body for academic issues is the Academic Committee. Select academic matters are also handled by School's Doctoral Programme Committee and degree programme committees, in accordance with school bylaws.

Doctoral Programme Committee

The chair of the Doctoral Programme Committee decides the date of the defence of dissertations and their language and appoints Custos and opponent(s) for the defence of dissertations.

Aalto University / Aalto students at A Grid / photo: Unto Rautio

Degree programme committees

Degree Programme committees of the School of Electrical Engineering have multiple tasks.

Studies / Aalto University/ Photo: Unto Rautio

Preparation and support for decision making

Management Team

School of Electrical Engineering Management Team

Communication and networking, kuvaaja Unto Rautio

School of Electrical Engineering Tenure Track Committee

Members and meetings of the School of Electrical Engineering Tenure Track Committee

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Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board has an important function in evaluating the research quality and supporting the development of the School.

People in Maarintie 8 building hallway.

Educational board

The purpose and aim of the Educational board at the School of Electrical Engineering is to improve the quality of teaching, promote the management and development of teaching at various levels of the school’s activities as well as to promote cooperation with various actors and stakeholders.

Students, Aalto University, photo: Unto Rautio

Equality and quality group

The equality and quality group is responsible for the quality, equality, diversity and inclusion work at the School of Electrical Engineering.

Opiskelijoita kirjastossa

Quality of Education Committee – School of Electrical Engineering

The Quality of Education Committee (QEC; OpLaa in Finnish) is a committee in the School of Electrical Engineering (ELEC) that strives to develop teaching and learning in collaboration with the school’s management, departments, Learning services and ELEC student guilds.

Aalto University / photo: Aino Huovio

Other working groups

There are some specific issues related working groups at the School of Electrical Engineering.

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