Management of School of Electrical Engineering

Organisation and leadership

Information on the organisation and leadership of the School of Electrical Engineering.

School of Electrical Engineering

The executive bodies of the school are the dean and the Academic Committee. The school has three vice deans.

The school's academic decision-making system includes the doctoral programme committee, the director of the doctoral programme, degree programme committees and directors of degree programmes.

Other permanent or temporary groups may also be involved in the school's governance. These include the management teams of the school and its departments.

The school's governance is organised so that different personnel groups and students have sufficient opportunities to participate in the preparation of decisions.

  • The dean of the School of Electrical Engineering is Jyri Hämäläinen. His second five-year term began on 1 Aug 2020.
  • Anouar Belahcen serves as the vice dean for education. His five-year term began on 1 Jan 2021.
  • Vesa Välimäki serves as the vice dean for research. His three-year term began on 1 Aug 2020. The term is Välimäki's second.
  • Petri Mähönen serves as the vice dean for impact. His three-year term began on 16th May 2022.


The basic unit for the school's academic operations is the department, which conducts academic research and offers degree education connected to its research. Teaching is organised as educational programmes.

Each one of the school's three departments is led by a head of department and separate unit Metsähovi Radio Observatory is led by a director. Heads of departments are appointed by the dean.

Department of Information and Communications Engineering
Head of Department Tapio Lokki

Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering
Head of Department Jussi Ryynänen

Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation
Head of Department Jorma Kyyrä

Metsähovi Radio Observatory
Director Joni Tammi

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