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Development of the School of Electrical Engineering

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Strategic planning processes

The activities of the School of Electrical Engineering are developed and monitored through the university's annual strategic planning processes, which are detailed in the Aalto Handbook. 

  • The University Preview, which is an assessment of the operating environment, is typically conducted at the university level. 
  • The University Review examines the activities and achievements of the past year, as well as the attainment of strategic goals set by the university. In the School of Electrical Engineering, the University Review is discussed within the school's management team and education management team. Additionally, the Dean presents a summary of the results to the school's personnel. 
  • Following the University Preview and University Review, all units update their strategic action plans for the University Dialogue. In the School of Electrical Engineering, the process of updating the strategic plan follows a two-year cycle. During alternating years, the management team collaborates with stakeholders to thoroughly review the plan and gathering feedback from the community. 
  • Every other year, the updating process is lighter, but it includes the dean's departmental visits and tenure track seminar for the school's professors. The seminar allows for extensive discussion of proposed tenure track positions and the school's research areas. 

Each member of our community contributes to the execution of the strategic plan with their work and duties. The quality system is embedded in all our processes and daily activities and concern each member of Aalto community.

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Annual strategic processes

Get to know Aalto University's annual strategic planning processes and strategy documentation, monitoring and reporting.

Aalto Handbook

Focus of development

The management team of the School of Electrical Engineering organized a series of community discussions open for all staff members during Spring 2024 to gather feedback and suggestions on how to develop the school's operations. The discussions included topics such as decision-making and funding, organizational culture, increasing collaboration, workload, facility usage, teaching development, research infrastructure, and supporting staff careers.

Clustered topics

Below you can find the brief summaries of the discussions and feedback on each topic. The absence of action points does not mean that nothing will been done on the topic, but rather indicates that no new development projects are being initiated at this stage.

The list is updated as more information becomes available.

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