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Why Aalto?

The rapidly changing world calls for courage to take a leap into the unknown. Aalto University answers this call by generating new ideas, cutting-edge research, high-class experts, entrepreneurship and leadership. Give today and support research and work on behalf of a stronger Finland that succeeds in international competition.

Innovations, new companies, jobs and well-being

If you wish, as a donor you can direct your donation to Aalto University or to a specific field of study: business, arts and design or technology.

Other possible donation opportunities include our spearhead areas ICT and the digitalisation of society, Arts and design, New materials and the sustainable use of natural resources and Business in a changing global environment.

Multidisciplinary cooperation and globally networked research in these areas help us find new energy solutions, plan and build human-centred environments and develop health-enhancing technology. Close interaction with business life ensures that research results are rapidly put into practice. This creates innovations, new companies, jobs and well-being.

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Please contact our donor engagement team for further information on donation opportunities, or if you wish to donate €10 000 or more.

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Aalto University in general

Aalto University is a multidisciplinary, international university built out of six schools.

Give for the future
School of Business Ekonominaukio 1 lower level Photo: Mikko Raskinen

Business and Economics - Building the future

At the School of Business, we work for better business and a better society by educating future experts and leaders.

School of Business
Bacterial cellulose, photo by Aleksi Poutanen

Arts and design

Combining science and art to create new perspectives and experiences. When you donate to the field of arts and design at Aalto University, you provide your support for research and education in arts and design, which focus not only on individual works but also on the design of products, services and human-centric living environments.

Give for the future
Elliptical Galaxies

New technology revolutionises the way we look at the universe – donate towards a new receiver at Metsähovi

This year we got a picture of a black hole 26 000 light years away! But would it be possible to see even more and see even further?

Give for the future
Information Technologies in Industrial Automation

Fields of science and technology

Aalto University is creating more sustainable energy solutions and addressing key challenges in health and wellness technology.

Give for the future

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Topi Ronkainen istuu Kauppakorkeakoulun opiskelusalissa
Give for the future

The best trip ever!

More than 60% of students at the School of Business experience an international exchange every year. The School of Business gives financial support to every one of its students going on exchange abroad. As a donor, you can do the same.
Ilmakuva Metsähovin radiotutkimusasemasta, kuva: Mikko Raskinen
Give for the future

The lure of cosmic mysteries

Astronomer Joni Tammi wants to uncover the secrets of the universe; secrets that have so far managed to elude us. However, with new advances in technology, the next major space discoveries are just around the corner.
Aalto innovations present at Flow Festival, photo by Samuli Pentti
Give for the future

Radical creativity sparks discoveries

An idea that may sound crazy at first can be the key to solving significant challenges. Aalto University provides a favourable environment for daring initiatives that can lead to the discovery of some genuinely novel solutions.
People working and talking
Give for the future

The industry needs experts in service sales support

Aalto University's five-year professorship in sales and management of product-service systems is funded by donations from the Weisell Foundation, Valmet, and Wärtsilä. Teaching and research are carried out in close cooperation with companies.
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