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Why Aalto?

The rapidly changing world calls for courage to take a leap into the unknown. Aalto University answers this call by generating new ideas, cutting-edge research, high-class experts, entrepreneurship and leadership. Give today and support research and work on behalf of a stronger Finland that succeeds in international competition.

Innovations, new companies, jobs and well-being

Multidisciplinary cooperation and globally networked research in these areas help us find new energy solutions, plan and build human-centered environments and develop health-enhancing technology. Close interaction with business life ensures that research results are rapidly put into practice. This creates innovations, new companies, jobs and well-being.

Each donation contributes to our pioneering research and education. It is important to us that our donors have wanted to support the development of Aalto.

Government matching funding campaign for donations received by universities is currently underway. Donations of more than 10 000 eur to Aalto University or to a specific field of study: business, arts and design or technology are eligible for matching funding.

A donation of less than EUR 10,000 is eligible for matching funding when it is generally allocated to the university. Select "Aalto University” in the online donation.

More information on government matching funding

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Please contact our donor engagement team for further information on donation opportunities, or if you wish to donate €10 000 or more.

Contact details can be found here.


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Girl sitting on a tree with a magnifying glass

Let's build our future today

By donating to Aalto Junior, you will help create a world where children and young adults are aware of their true potential and filled with hope and courage to solve the greatest challenges of tomorrow.

Give for the future
Way Out There - Black holes might be nicer than we think

Join us on an unprecedented space adventure!

By donating to space research, you will help revolutionise our way of looking at the universe.

Give for the future
People and public artwork Donors' Wall at the School of Business.

Endowed professorship in ownership

Join us in supporting the new professorship at the School of Business with a donation!

School of Business
Aalto University Health Platform - Mikko Raskinen

Support the battle against the coronavirus

Our society faces a huge challenge caused by the global coronavirus pandemic. As the Aalto community, we will do our utmost to help in the midst of the crisis. You can donate to support the battle against the corona pandemic.

Give for the future
Five students doing a business project together in a classroom

Supporting the international student exchange

At the School of Business, we encourage all students to become more internationally orientated during their studies by providing a grant to every student going on exchange abroad. By donating, you help our students gain important expertise, which is crucial for Finland’s competitiveness.

School of Business
Ioncell Chemarts Photo: Eeva Suorlahti

The School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Combining science and art to create new perspectives and experiences. When you donate to the field of arts and design at Aalto University, you provide your support for research and education in arts and design, which focus not only on individual works but also on the design of products, services and human-centric living environments.

Give for the future
Kauppakorkeakoulun Cafe Kylterin edusta.

School of Business – Building the future

At the School of Business, we work for better business and a better society by educating future talents.

School of Business
laboratory facilities in microwave engineering major

School of Electrical Engineering

At the School of Electrical Engineering, we are experts in systems science developing integrated solutions from care of the elderly to space robotics.

Artistic depiction of a bright light in space / made by Ray Scipak

School of Science

Science for tomorrow’s technology, innovations and businesses

Aalto Ice Tank / photo by Juha Juvonen

School of Engineering

Research, education and new solutions in the fields of mechanical engineering, civil engineering and built environment.

Students looking at a microscope smiling

School of Chemical Engineering

At the School of Chemical Engineering, we combine natural sciences and engineering in a unique way.

A solar panel printed in the shape of the aalto 10th birthday party logo

Aalto University 10 years

Aalto University has brought together science, art, technology and business at its campus in Otaniemi and we are now one of the world's leading universities in our key areas. This year we celebrate our 10th anniversary.

Give for the future

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Girl sitting on a tree with a magnifying glass
Give for the future

Let's build our future today

By donating to Aalto Junior, you will help create a world where children and young adults are aware of their true potential and filled with hope and courage to solve the greatest challenges of tomorrow.
A Civil Engineering Student working on a water engineering project
Give for the future

Leave a better future as your legacy

A legacy gift for the university is a step towards a better future.
BIZ students in Otaniemi campus
Give for the future

Review for Donors 2021

Read the latest Review for Donors and find out what we have achieved together, what's the impact we've made, and the latest news from our community.
Undergraduate centre, Otakaari 1. Photo by Mikko Raskinen.
Give for the future

Now is an excellent time to donate

Government’s matching funding initiative will increase the impact of a donation with a multiplier for each euro donated during the campaign.
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