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Aalto University is inviting guests to the campus only with certain restrictrions until November.

Aalto University and its partners arrange annually several hundreds of events open to alumni and corporate representatives - also online. See the exhibitions below this events list.

Aalto University event highlights

Lectures and seminars (recurring)

Machine Learning Coffee Seminar (MLCS)

Machine Learning Coffee Seminars are weekly seminars organized by Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI) and are held jointly by the Aalto University and the University of Helsinki.
Kuva: Aki-Pekka Sinikoski.
Lectures and seminars (recurring)

Internet Forum – Public lecture series online: The future of technology and Finland

Technology is changing the world more radically than ever before. Join Internet Forum public lectures to hear top experts discuss the topic on online lectures!
Aalto EE kuvitus
Lectures and seminars

Aalto University Executive Education webinars

Aalto University Executive Education organizes open events, webinars, and program info sessions on a regular basis.
Electricity by Tjflex2 on flickr
Lectures and seminars

Combining commercial & academic approaches for modelling the energy transition

Energy Modelling Series | Seminar 5 | Using the AFRY BID3 model in academia: Case studies & outlook

    2 - 25.9. Helsinki & online
    (Otaniemi campus by reservation via the link below or groups at [email protected])
    Aalto University Designs for Cooler Planet exhibitions (part of Helsinki Design Week)

    1. Farewell to fossil fuels
    2. Close the loops
    3. Hack our habitat
    4. Consume consciously

         2 - 25.9. online 
         Book a visit to exhibitions at Väre, Otaniementie 14, Otaniemi

         2 - 25.9. online
         Book a visit to Hack our Habitat exhibition at Vuorimiehentie 2, Otaniemi

         2 - 25.9. online & Harald Herlin Learning Centre, Otaniementie 9 (only for students)
         Articulated landscapes: Sustainable future cities between architecture and landscape

         2.9. - 12.10. online (or book a visit time at Kemistintie 1, Otaniemi)
         Naturally Dramatic – sustainable textile and material design for stage and film costumes

          4.9. - 10.1. Design Museum, Korkeavuorenkatu 23, Helsinki (open for all)
          Soil Matters

    28.9. - 16.11. Mondays 9-10 online
    Machine Learning Coffee Seminar: Optimising differentially private learning for GPUs

    28.9. 10-14 online
    Baltic Sea Region - Towards Sustainable Economic Transformation

    28.9.2020 - 3.5.2021 online
    Games Now! Lecture serie

    30.9. 8:30-10 Online
    Aalto EE webinars: Data Analytics – Opportunities for Finance Function to Create Value

    30.9. 9:30-11 online
    Energy modelling seminar series: Academic use of commercial energy models

    30.9. 11-15 online
    Dissertation on Engineering Physics


    1.10. 12-15 online
    Computer Science Research Day 2020

    1.10. 14-15 online
    Making Waves talk: Girls and technology education

    1.10. 17-18 online
    The Alder Project - Online Forest Conversation

    1.10. 17-18:30 online
    Better Business - Better Society seminar: Kryptovaluuttojen mahdollisuudet ja haasteet (In Finnish)

    2.10. 9-13 online
    Symposium: Research as a Radical Act of Creativity

    2 - 30.10. online
    Dissertations on Bioproduct Technology, Inorganic Chemistry, Indoor Environment Technology, Applied Physics, Applied Philosophy and Organisational Research, Radio Engineering, Physical Chemistry, Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering, Processing of Materials.  Structural Mechanics, Acoustic and Audio Signal Processing, Electromechanics, Engineering Physics, Networking Technology, User Interfaces

    5 - 9.10. online
    Aalto Talent Expo Virtual Week

    5.10. - 16.11. Mondays 9-10 online
    Machine Learning Coffee Seminars

    6.10. 9-10 online
    Aalto EE webinar: Multidimensional Humans in Our Urban Mobility Systems

    6.10. - 24.11. 17:15-19 online
    The Future of Technology and Finland - Internet Forum public lecture series

    7 & 21.10. 12-13 online
    GoinGlobal Online Training - how to do job hunting around the world

    8.10. 10:00 online
    Shaking Up Tech (especially for high school students)

    9.10. 13-17 online
    Millennium Youth Prize final (in Finnish)

    10.10. 14-16 online
    Aalto 10 - Alumni Studio & Science Show (Finnish and partly English)

    10.10. canceled
    The Otaniemi Night of Arts

    13.10. 9:30 online
    Brain & Mind Computational Breakfast

    14.10. 13-15 online
    Aalto Venture Program: Good Life Engine: Personal Mastery

    until 15.10. online (to Dipoli, book a time alumni at
    Creativity in Action: The Spirit of Student Life - Aalto 10-year anniversary exhibition

    19.10. 17-18
    AaltoJOKO® Talks: Osaamisen ja muutoksen johtaminen (In Finnish)

    22.10. 14-16 online
    AIX Forum: Health research and innovations – How to overcome challenges in utilizing personal data?

    22.10. 15:00-16:15 online
    Aalto Sustainability Talks: SDG #4 Quality education for sustainable development

    24.10. Dipoli, Otaniemi (POSTPONED TO 2021)
    SIK100 Seminar for all alumni

    27.10. 9-10 online
    Aalto Leaders' Insight webinar: The COVID-19 Reshaping the Future of Work – What are the New Rules and the New Normal?

    30.10. Otaniemi
    IK 2010 reunion

    until 31.10. online
    Near futures exhibition


    6 - 8.11. online
    Junction Connected hackathon

    20 - 22.11. Finlandia Hall, Helsinki
    DASH - Design Hackathon for students and graduates

    26.11. online
    AI Day 2020

    27.11. 9:00-10:15 online
    Aalto Sustainability Talks: SDG #7 Affordable and clean energy

    until 31.12. Arrival hall 2B, Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and online
    The Wood Wonders exhibition


    January 2021 Ekonominaukio 1, Otaniemi (CANCELED)
    School of Business Homecoming Day

    8.10. 11-17 Otahalli, Otaranta 6, Otaniemi (or postponed to January)
    Aalto Talent Expo - recruitment and contact fair for Aalto students - registration to exhibitors is open!

    16.6.2021 15-18:30 Otaniemi
    Aalto Alumni Impact Hackathon

    16.6.2021 17-21 Alvarinaukio, Otaniemi
    Graduation Party for graduates 2019-2021


    Open University courses (also online)

    FiTech courses online
    FITech network university offers free selected studies from all technical universities in Finland.

    Aalto Summer Courses (also online)


    Some past lecture series online:

    Events are announced in the alumni newsletter, Facebook and Alumni Circle.


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    All the other exhibitions than these are canceled until the end of August:


    Still: '01-Training' 2020. Video (02:57) by Lukas Malte Hoffman. Image courtesy of the artist.

    Online Exhibitions 2020

    A selection of Aalto exhibitions made available online in 2020

    Research & Art
    Designs for a Cooler Planet 2020: Race for the Future

    This is what a more sustainable world looks like: Wood-based glitter, electric-powered boats and printed solar cells

    The Aalto University Designs for a Cooler Planet event will showcase inspiring future scenarios during this coming September. The exhibition aims to show that collaboration between designers, researchers and stakeholders will lead to better solutions for people and the environment.

    Designs for a Cooler Planet Farewell to fossil fuels

    Farewell to fossil fuels

    More than half of our energy still comes from fossil fuels. No single technology can replace our reliance on them.

    Designs for a Cooler Planet Close the Loops

    Close the loops

    Making things and manufacturing processes produce pollution and environmental degradation, draining natural resources.

    Designs for a Cooler Planet Hack our Habitat

    Hack our habitat

    Aggressive urbanisation is straining our ecosystem. Rising construction volume causes massive demand for energy-intensive construction materials, and construction already accounts for 39 per cent of the global CO2 emissions.

    Designs for a Cooler Planet Consume Consciously

    Consume consciously

    Household consumption accounts for more than 60 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions and 50–80 per cent of total land, material and water use.

    Creativity in Action exhibition graphics by Emery Norton

    Exhibition in honour of Aalto's 10-year anniversary highlights student impact over the decades

    ‘Creativity in Action: The Spirit of Student Life’ exhibition opens at the Dipoli Gallery and online on 27 August.

    Near futures, exhibition tribute to the academic year 2019–2020 graduates

    Near futures – online exhibition

    Near futures, exhibition tribute to the academic year 2019–2020 graduates

    Wood Wonders exhibition at Helsinki airport. Photo: Anne Kinnunen

    Wood Wonders exhibition showcases climate-friendly building concepts

    If all the buildings constructed in Finland each year were made of wood, the amount of wood needed for their construction would grow back in ten hours.

    Re-imagining the Past Vol. 2. Photos: Kitty Norros

    Re-imagining the Past exhibition Vol. 2 online

    The stories and images from the exhibition celebrating Aalto 10 are now available for online exploration.

    Cool and Icy Waters -näyttely 4.-20.9.

    Cool and Icy Waters - ice research  for sea traffic

    The exhibition depicts marine and Arctic technology research at Aalto University, including the study of sea ice structure and behaviour as well as the functionality, sustainability and safety of ships and marine structures under extreme conditions. The goal of this research is to ensure safe and sustainable transportation in Arctic areas.

    Aalto betaspace, an exhibition venue for students at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture / photo by Julia Weckman.

    Aalto galleries and exhibition venues

    How can we make space for unexpected ways of looking at the world? Galleries and exhibition venues are co-produced spaces for action, bringing together the knowledge, content, vision, and passion of different agents.

    Research & Art
    Wood and Clay course exhibition organised by Nathalie Lautenbacher, Väre Main Lobby, March 2019

    Väre Exhibitions

    Väre Exhibitions, School of Art, Architecture and Design

    Research & Art



    Defence of dissertation in the field of engineering physics, MSc Marc Jäger

    The needle in the nanostack – Computational screening of catalysts

    Defence of dissertation in the field of Bioproduct Technology, M.Sc (Tech.) Jean Buffiere

    The title of the dissertation is: Low-molecular-weight Nanocellulose Produced Using Supercritical Water Treatment

    Defence of dissertation in the field of Inorganic chemistry, M.Sc. Nina Mattila

    The title of the dissertation is: Lattice dynamics in 2D layered transition metal oxides and sulfides: First principles study.

    Defence of dissertation in the field of Indoor Environment Technology, Katja Tähtinen, M.Eng (Construction and Environmental Engineering)

    Title of the dissertation is Perceived indoor environment and probality of abnormal indoor air exposure in health care workplaces
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