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Become a volunteer

Do your kind of meaningful work as an alumni volunteer. Build an active Aalto community and create a better working life together with students and other alumni.
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"We have over 100,000 alumni who are a crucial asset to the university. As the need for lifelong learning increases, alumni activities are now more important than ever. We want to provide a forum where working alumni have the opportunity to meet new members of the university community. I am glad that the alumni network represents diverse experience in various fields", says Ilkka Niemelä, President of Aalto University.

Become an alumni volunteer

The Aalto community offers a unique space for meeting experts from different fields and lifewide learning together. We want to take one step forward in ensuring that every member of the Aalto alumni network finds a meaningful way of taking part in our learning community.

As an alumni volunteer, you are an active member of our alumni network – on your terms. You have many opportunities to learn new things and at the same time do meaningful work by offering your own expertise to other members of the community.

  • Wish to share your knowledge with current students and help them navigate towards their dream career as a mentor or at career events?
  • Do you live abroad and want to find other alumni from your home country? Or perhaps wish to help an student from Aalto going to study or work abroad?
  • Do you want to mentor startup entrepreneurs and at the same time develop yourself from new trends and innovations?
  • Are you interested in sharing your study experiences at Aalto and marketing Aalto to new students?

Find out about the ways to be an alumni volunteer and come along!

There are many ways to be a volunteer! Find yours.

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Become an Aalto alumni ambassador

Be a local contact point or start a group in your country.

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Become a mentor

Share your career experience to a student or startup, learn and get inspired.

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Share your career expertise

Share your expertise in career events.

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Volunteer in student marketing

Share your study experience at Aalto University for new students.

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Arrange a class reunion

A class reunion is a great way to meet old friends, and reminisce about your time at the university. If you would like to find out what everyone is up to, arrange a class reunion and invite your fellow classmates. we can provide you with some handy tips.

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Support Aalto University with a donation

A donation to Aalto University is a donation for the furture. It's a gift for strong, internationally successful Finland.

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