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The future of work calls for experimentation, lifewide learning and skills for charting a purpose-driven path. Aalto University offers several options to help you design a meaningful and sustainable career at every twist and turn of your journey.
Lifewide Learning

How can you plan your career during this highly volatile and unpredictable time often depicted as the 4th industrial revolution? You can’t – at least not with traditional tools and mindsets. 

As stable jobs and predictable career tracks have disappeared, career choice is no longer a one-time affair. Crafting a sustainable career requires life-wide learning, frequent transitions and adaptable identities.

Career design is a creative approach that help you to adjust and experiment with new directions amidst all the change.

Mentoring helps you to find your path

Design your career

Are you looking for a career change or thinking of starting your own business? Or looking for tools to craft your current job and improve your wellbeing? Join our career programs and events and begin experimenting.

Take a workshop or class


Learn lifewide

Learning does not happen only in classrooms or stop upon graduation. Lifewide learning includes all settings and opportunities to learn career-relevant skills across different spheres of life. Aalto University offers a wide range of courses, programs and events to help you create your future and stay up-to-date on the latest discoveries and knowledge.  

Get to know Aalto's lifewide learning offerin

Join events, lectures and workshops

Mentoring helps you to find your path

Make a difference

Giving back to your alma mater is a great way to make a difference and do something meaningful. Volunteering is an opportunity for learning and, as research shows, improves your own wellbeing as well. Become one of our volunteers to share your experience with students or consider donating to help Aalto University shape a sustainable future.

Take care of your wellbeing and become an alumni volunteerGive for the future


Learn from others

Connect with other Aalto alumni in our networks and get support to your career development. Join the discussion and events and begin learning together!

Find you network and connect with your peersJoin the Aalto University Alumni Community LinkedIn group to network and discuss

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This blog provide insights on how work is changing and how you can design a meaningful career path.

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