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Get to know the alumni associations of your study area or networks of your interest at Aalto community and explore their websites.

Societies run by Aalto alumni:

Aalto Alumni Strategy Circle
Aalto Finance Alumni
Aalto Marketing Society Alumni
Aalto University Doctoral Student Association, Aallonhuiput
Aalto University MBA Association
Alumni Society of the Guild of Architecture
Athene Alumni (Guild of Information Networks Alumni)
AS Alumni (Alumnus of Automation and Systems Technology)
AYY Alumni
BioDI - Bioinformation Technology alumni
BScBA Alumni association
CEMS Alumni
Guild of Civil Engineering alumni (IK Alumni)
Guild of Mechanical Engineers Alumni (Koneinsinöörikilta Alumni)
Kklubi (Poli Chemistry Club Alumni)
KY Alumni
Lämpövoimakerhon seniorit (Energy Technology alumni)
Maanmittarikilta Alumni (The Guild of Surveying Engineers alumni)
PARKKI (Forest products and bioproduct technology alumni)
Physics Alumni
Prodeko Alumni
Prosessiteekkarien alumnit (process engineering alumni)
Pyöreän Tornin Kilta
Real Estate Economics Alumni
Remburssi Alumni
Sähköklubi (Electrical and Communications engineering alumni)
Teknologföreningen, TF alumni

Societies also with Aalto alumni

Kauppatieteiden kandiyhdistys (Association for MSc in Economics)
Tekniska Föreningen i Finland, TFiF

Student associations at Aalto with alumni as well

Aalto Accounting
Aalto Business Technology
Aalto Economics
Aalto Management (Aalto Management and International Business)
Aalto Private Equity Club ry
Aalto Women in Business
IDBM Klubi
Jury ry
Nuoret Designerit - NuDe (Young Designers)

In addition, there are several multidisciplinary groups like Aallon parviäly, Alumni Ventures, Creatives and Creative Sustainability as well as Global Agents in various countries.

You can also create your own peer group. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Aalto University student associations, guilds and clubs

Aalto University's Student Union AYY
TOKYO ry - Student and alumni Association of the School of Arts, design and architechture
Kauppatieteiden ylioppilaat KY ry - Aalto University Business Students

Chemistry Guild - Kemistikilta
Computer Science Guild - Tietokilta
Guild of Architecture - Arkkitehtikilta
Guild of Automation and Systems Technology - AS-kilta
Guild of Bioinformation Technology- Inkubio
Guild of Civil Engineering - Rakennusinsinöörikilta
Guild of Electrical Engineering - Sähköinsinöörikilta
Guild of Industrial Engineering and Management - Prodeko
Guild of Information Networks - Athene
Guild of Materials and Metallurgy - Vuorimieskilta
Guild of Mechanical Engineers - Koneinsinöörikilta
Guild of Physics - Fyysikkokilta
Guild of Surveying Engineers - Maanmittarikilta
Forest Product Guild - Puunjalostajakilta
Lämpövoimakerho - Energy technology student club
Prosessiteekkarit (Association of process engineering students)
Sähkövoimatekniikan kerho

Subject Associations | Aalto University Student Union (

There are more than 200 associations operating within AYY, see them here


Would you like to start an alumni association, club or network?

Ask for the best practices from other groups and if the name or website of your society or a guild is missing, please contact [email protected]


Aalto Alumni Network Council and Board

Aalto Alumni Network Council is a network of the leaders of the alumni associations and networks meeting few times a year. Its role is to start a joint development dialogue and sharing of best practices. Please contact alumni at to hear more.

Aalto Alumni Network Board brings alumni view to university's development, catalyzes new forms of alumni engagement and supports alumni relations team.

Aalto Alumni Network Board 2023

Aalto alumni network board 2023

Aalto alumni network board represents alumni and brings forward the alumni's views on the university’s development.

For alumni
Better Business - Better Society seminar in December 2019, School of Business alumni networking after the seminar

For School of Business alumni

The School of Business alumni community offers possibilities for lifewide learning, networking and contributing to our School's mission: Better Business - Better Society. Join our alumni community!

School of Business
Aalto EE alumni logo

Aalto University Executive Education Alumni

The worldwide Aalto EE Alumni network consists of 19 000 graduates from Aalto EE’s and its predecessors' MBA, EMBA, and DBA programs, and participants of open enrollment programs with a duration of more than four months.

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