Designs for a Cooler Planet – Helsinki Design Week 2019

During September 2019, Aalto University's exhibition programme for Helsinki Design Week, titled 'Designs for a Cooler Planet' will introduce solutions for more sustainable lifestyles in Otaniemi
Designs for A Cooler Planet
Graphic design: Babi Brasileiro

This September, Aalto University is proud to host one of the main events of Helsinki Design Week 2019. All visitors are welcome to the Otaniemi campus, where there will be elevenexhibitions organised as part of the Designs for a Cooler Planet programme.

Designs for a Cooler Planet — Helsinki Design Week 2020

Take a look at Aalto University's HDW 2019 exhibitions at Campus

Nanocellulose bicycle Photo: Eeva Suorlahti

Designs for a Cooler Planet: Main exhibition, Dipoli Gallery

Designs for a Cooler Planet exhibition presents a wide selection of experimental, climate-friendly products and individual choices that you make today.

Nordic Rebels illustration by Parvati Pillai

Nordic Rebels: Goose bumpifying learning for societal agency

How might we create learning experiences to enable anyone to see what role they play in creating a more sustainable future for our societies and planet?

Archilux cruise ship concept. Illustration: Markus Ahonen

Archilux: A cruise ship for Finnish lakes, archipelago and coastal region

Archilux takes its guests on an adventure to the sensitive nature in Finland

Envisioning Malminkartano 2050. Photo: Andre Vicentini

Urban transitions for cooler futures: Imagining Malminkartano in 2050

Cities are critical intervention points when addressing climate change and there is an urgent need to transform both how we live in cities and how cities support our needs.

Circwood project

Circwood: Recirculating wood within the built environment

In Finland, more than one-third of construction and demolition waste is wood.

New Silk research project

New Silk - What can we learn from spiders?

How to produce new types of silk-like materials in the context of synthetic biology

Structural paper folding techniques by researcher Miia Palmu. Photo: Valeria Azovskaya

Envisioning the future of packaging

There is an urgent need for sustainable alternatives to oil-based packaging materials such as styrofoam.

Natural Indigo project, design by Arttu Åfield & Kirsi Niinimäki. Photo Eeva Suorlahti

Natural Indigo: New Luxury from Northern Fields

Crops4Luxury (PeltoLuksus) project studied special crops that could replace synthetic textile dyes sustainably and ethically

CHEMARTS Summer school 2019

Chemartsing with Bio-based Materials

CHEMARTS Summer School 2019 explored novel material solutions and their innovative applications

Traces from the Antropocene exhibition in Venice Biennale in 2019. Photo: Tzuyu Chen

Traces from the Anthropocene. Working with Soil.

A multidisciplinary research project that addresses the ecological consequences of the human footprint through ceramic art. The exhibition is a part of Venice Biennale during summer 2019.

Urban Facade. Design by Antti Mikola

Urban Façades

High-quality architecture is sustainable by nature. If thoughtfully designed and well maintained, it can last forever.

Critical Tide Seaweed Sculpture Oki naganode by Julia Lohmann photo: Noortje Knulst

Critical Tide exhibition at the Design Museum’s Gallery

At a time of deep ecological crises, Critical Tide will open our eyes to the urgent issues our oceans face and showcase creative ways of intervening.

Narratiimi Walk photo by Cindy Kohtala

Otaniemi Walk 12.9.2019

Help cool down the planet with Narratiimi walking collective

Designs for a Cooler Planet Pecha Kucha

PechaKucha Night 2019 at Aalto University

Designs for a Cooler Planet opening with Helsinki Design Week.


In Finland, energy and natural resource consumption levels are currently four times higher than what is considered sustainable. To reach a sustainable level, we will have to make substantial changes within the next ten years in how we move, where we live and what we eat.

The Aalto galleries across Otaniemi will showcase eleven multidisciplinary exhibitions, from future homeware and ecological luxury textiles to a carbon-free city district.
Please notice that each gallery have their own opening hours at Dipoli, Väre, Learning Center and Beta Space.

See the full programme of Helsinki Design Week 2019


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