Nordic Rebels: Goose bumpifying learning for societal agency

How can we create learning experiences which enable us to provide a more sustainable future for our societies and planet?
Nordic Rebels illustration by Parvati Pillai
Illustration by Parvati Pillai

This is one of the core tenets of Nordic Rebels: creating learning experiences that help our students see the critical role they play in creating a brighter future for all of us. Learning is not only about earning a diploma or a degree, but first and foremost it is about transformation - growing as a human being and helping our peers achieve the same.

In May 2019, a Finnish-Danish blended minor program titled 'Nordic Rebels' received a Danish Design Award in the Better Learning category. It emphasises the famed Nordic values: democracy, student-centred learning, cuisine and design-driven methods and processes. Essentially, a strong proposition on what learning could look like.

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Working group: Miikka J. Lehtonen, Visiting Assistant Professor (Aalto University), JiaYing Chew, Design Strategist (Aalto University), Adithya Varadarajan, Education Designer (Aalto University), Katharina S. Schilli, PhD student (University of Turku), Theresa Berg, Education Designer (Aalto University), Andreas Aasted Gjede (Student & Innovation House), Christian Refshauge (Student & Innovation House), Ditte Öhrström (Student & Innovation House), Parvati Pillai (visual identity), Harri Dammert (music), Johannes Söderström (360-degree environment), Kalle Kataila (videos and editing), and Van Nuggets (videos)
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Nordic Rebels movement of the IDBM master’s degree programme finalist for the Danish Design Award 2019

IDBM’s innovative development of teaching has also been recognised in Austin, Texas.

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Miikka, Varadarajan ja Chew Texasissa Austinissa
Designs for A Cooler Planet

Designs for a Cooler Planet – Helsinki Design Week 2019

During September 2019, Aalto University's exhibition programme for Helsinki Design Week, titled 'Designs for a Cooler Planet' will introduce solutions for more sustainable lifestyles in Otaniemi

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