Archilux: A cruise ship for Finnish lakes, archipelago and coastal region

Archilux takes its guests on an adventure to the sensitive nature in Finland
Archilux cruise ship concept. Illustration: Markus Ahonen
The atrium ties together the different spaces onboard and gives the passengers a feeling of being in the middle of nature. Illustration: Markus Ahonen

The cruise business is booming and increasingly, large numbers of expedition cruises take passengers to the most remote locations on Earth. So why is Europe’s largest lake district with pure water and the natural beauty of the world’s largest archipelago still missing from the cruise maps?

Archilux illustration by Argo Sannik
The futuristic look of the ship distinguishes Archilux from others and makes the ship also a piece of art itself. Illustration by Argo Sannik

In response to this question, the Archilux takes its guests on an adventure through sensitive nature in Finland. Environmental friendliness has been taken into consideration in every detail, from power production and lightweight structures to all the activities that happen onboard. 

The concept for the ship was originally designed for Finland’s 100th anniversary, as part of a showroom for Finnish inventions. The ship encourages Finns to look at what is close to them and also raises awareness of their environment. 

Working group:  

Veikko AholaChun IpJaakko Koivurova,Matti RaskiJeremias TilanderArgo Sannik from Aalto University.

Contact: [email protected]

Read about the project at (in Finnish)

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