PechaKucha Night 2019 at Aalto University

Designs for a Cooler Planet opening with Helsinki Design Week.
Designs for a Cooler Planet Pecha Kucha
Illustration: Babi Brasileiro

The Designs for a Cooler Planet event in Otaniemi opens with a fun PechaKucha Night that will be organised in collaboration with Helsinki Design Week.

PechaKucha Night is a surprising, fast-paced and entertaining series of speech presentations that may deal with anything from serious, moving, critical, fun or complex issues. Each presentation follows the same format: 20 images, each displayed for 20 seconds. Once the presentation starts, the clock can't be stopped!

PechaKucha will present nine top speakers:

  • Tuomas Auvinen, Dean of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture
  • Michael Lettenmeier, Researcher, 1.5 Degree Lifestyles study
  • Julia Lohmann, Professor of Design. Her Critical Tide exhibition will open on September 6 at the Design Museum Helsinki.
  • Tessa Nikander, Aalto alumna, and founder and CEO of Arctic Astronautics Oy, an educational satellite company.
  • Inari Virkkala, architect, urban designer
  • Jordi Albareda, Fair Saturday foundation
  • Emma Kantanen, game designer
  • Petteri Masalin,VP Design, Fiskars Group
  • Katri Oikarinen, MA student in Contemporary Design programme.

Join us at pre-festival celebration in Otaniemi!

Tickets €5/€10.

PechaKucha tickets

Tuomas Auvinen
Photo: Mikko Raskinen

Tuomas Auvinen 

Auvinen is the Dean of Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture. His expertise in creative leadership stems from both leadership experience and doctoral research, and he has leadership experience of two top 10 QS ranked Art Universities. Outside the office he is a father of three children, and he enjoys cooking, music, movies and travelling.

Michael Lettenmeier

Michael Lettenmeier

Dr. Lettenmeier researches, consults and offers training on the implications of one- planet lifestyles to households, businesses, governments and other organisations. He has developed the “Eight Tons of Material Footprint” resource cap concept for sustainable lifestyles and several footprint calculators for lifestyles, as well as the 1.5-degree lifestyles concept presented in the exhibition.

Julia Lohmann
Photo: Petr Krejci

Julia Lohmann

Maggots. Sheep stomachs. Seaweed.
Designer and researcher Julia Lohmann investigates and critiques the ethical and material value systems underpinning our relationship with flora and fauna. She is a professor for contemporary design at Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland, where she also lives with her family. Julia holds a PhD from the Royal College of Art in London. As a designer in residence at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2013, she established the Department of Seaweed, an interdisciplinary community of practice exploring seaweed as a sustainable material of the future. In her work she combines participatory practices, making and speculative design for transition. Julia Lohmann's work is part of major public and private collections worldwide.

Inari Virkkala
Photo: Anna Autio

Inari Virkkala 

Virkkala is an architect and urban designer focusing on the social impacts of design. She is one of the founders of the #MaataPitkin -matkamessut, land-based travel fair informing and inspiring people to find climate-friendly ways to travel. 

Emma Kantanen

Emma Kantanen

Kantanen (b. 1989) is a game designer, illustrator and an author. She completed her Arts Masters Degree at Aalto University and has recently been working in China.

Petteri Masalin

Petteri Masalin

Masalin is the VP of Design at Fiskars where he leads the company’s global design. With a long background in industrial design in a variety of industries, Masalin is an outstanding example of Finnish design thinking and has received numerous international design awards. Masalin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and has graduated from Lahti University of Applied Sciences’s Institute of Design. Together with his team, Masalin aims to develop innovative products of a high quality that deliver even after decades use.

Katri Oikarinen

Katri Oikarinen

A musician and an artist specialized in using old books as material. She is a master student in Contemporary Design programme at the School of Arts, Design, and Architecture.

Tessa Nikander

Tessa Nikander

Tessa is anAalto alumna, and founder and CEO of Arctic Astronautics Oy, an educational satellite company.

Educational satellite won a spot in the International Space Station

Aalto students designed a satellite, which even a child can assemble and programme. The instructions can soon be downloaded from the web and you can design the exterior yourself, perhaps from a milk carton.

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KitSat educational satellite

Designs for a Cooler Planet – Helsinki Design Week 2019

During September 2019, Aalto University's exhibition programme for Helsinki Design Week, titled 'Designs for a Cooler Planet' will introduce solutions for more sustainable lifestyles in Otaniemi

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Designs for A Cooler Planet
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