Doctoral education

During your doctoral studies

Information for doctoral students throughout their studies: instructions for writing the thesis and conducting research in an ethically responsible manner, how supervision is and should be arranged and how you can communicate your results and build networks etc. This is the second page of the 3-page Doctoral student study guide.

Two doctoral students, one working with a laptop and one with pen on paper, both with imaginary doctoral hats floating above their heads.

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Doctoral student study guide is maintained by the Doctoral education services (Research services). We use the title doctoral student in this guide. The title doctoral researcher is used in employment matters.

Supervision of doctoral studies

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Supervision of doctoral studies

Supervision plan, roles and responsibilities, changes of supervision arrangements, research fields and supervising professors at Aalto University, other information and instructions

Doctoral education

Mobility, networks and international courses

International mobility is a way to develop your research and build your international network. Mobility may have relevance to future employment prospects but also to developing an international career. Aalto University encourages every doctoral student to spend at least a six months period abroad during their studies.  

When you are choosing the destination, your research should be in the foreground. Which universities, conferences or research institutes benefit your research the most? Discuss your options with your supervising professor and/or advisor(s). Professors usually have personal contacts to universities and research institutes abroad.

Doctoral personal study plan & curriculum

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Doctoral personal study plan (DPSP)

Doctoral students plan their studies and research by using the five parts of the DPSP.

Doctoral education
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Doctoral courses and curriculum

Find courses for doctoral students & information about individual studies and credit transfer.

Doctoral education

Doctoral thesis, funding and research

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Doctoral thesis at Aalto University

Resources, guidelines and information on doctoral theses at Aalto University

Doctoral education
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Researcher skills for doctoral students

Find resources to improve your skills related to data management, research ethics, IPR, dissemination of results and more!

Doctoral education
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Incentive scholarships for doctoral students

A set of 500e and 2000e incentive scholarships are awarded by application for doctoral students who meet the conditions given.

Doctoral education
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Funding your doctoral studies

Ideas and advice for finding and applying for funding for doctoral studies and research, conferences etc.

Doctoral education

Doctoral feedback and surveys

The following feedback is collected from doctoral students:

  1. Orientation feedback (new students)
  2. Yearly follow-up: progress review, more infomation at Yearly follow-up of doctoral students (
  3. Feedback from graduating doctors, latest results: Results of the doctoral graduate survey 2023
  4. Career monitoring 3 years after graduation, latest results at Doctoral graduates of Aalto University in working life (

In addition, you are asked to give feedback for the teacher on each course you take. Your doctoral programme may also ask you to participate in their feedback events or surveys.

Career design

Find out how you can get ready for your future career and learn about the services and resources available to support your career exploration.

Licentiate thesis (fields of technology & business only)

The primary target degree for our postgraduate students is the doctoral degree and new students are only admitted to study towards the doctoral degree. However, in the fields of technology and business it is still possible to complete a licentiate degree. We recommend that option in cases where the student and the supervising professor estimate that completing a doctoral thesis is not feasible for one reason or another. Licentiate degree is a way of demonstrating the competences you have acquired during your postgraduate studies, even if you would not be completing a doctoral degree.

Student who aim at a licentiate degree must also have an up-to-date Doctoral Personal Study Plan (DPSP) and studies are confirmed with the same process as when completing the doctoral degree.

Doctoral page index

Index of all pages about doctoral education

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Doctoral education services

Doctoral student study guide

Two doctoral students looking at symbols on pieces of paper, with imaginary doctoral hats floating above their heads.

Beginning your doctoral studies

Doctoral students at the beginning of studies: information on arrival, doctoral personal study plan, curriculum and financing etc.

Doctoral education
Two doctoral students, one working with a laptop and one with pen on paper, both with imaginary doctoral hats floating above their heads.

During your doctoral studies

Doctoral students throughout their studies: information on thesis writing, research work, supervision and mobility etc.

Doctoral education
Drawing of two doctoral students each holding a paper, with doctor's hats shining on their heads.

Finalising your doctoral studies

Information on pre-examination, defence, finalising the thesis, public display and approval of thesis etc.

Doctoral education
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