Doctoral education

Doctoral programmes

Doctoral education at Aalto University is offered in six doctoral programmes.
Aalto-yliopisto / tohtoreiden hatut

Our doctoral studies

Our doctoral students pursue the degrees of

Doctor of Arts (Art and Design)
Doctor of Science (Architecture)
Doctor of Science (Economics and Business Administration)
Doctor of Science (Technology)

The target study time is four years of full-time studies.

Doctoral curriculums (

How to apply for doctoral studies?

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Doctoral graduates of Aalto University in working life

Aalto University Career Services conducts career tracking surveys to follow up careers of doctoral graduates.

Tohtorinhatut promootiopäivänä

Doctoral thesis at Aalto University

Resources and guidelines for doctoral students and information on doctoral theses at Aalto University.

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Doctoral education services

Doctoral education services support doctoral students, supervising professors, thesis advisors and doctoral programme directors in matters related to doctoral studies. Doctoral education services belong to Learning Services.

Doctoral education
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