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Doctoral student study guide

Doctoral student study guide offers instructions and guidance for doctoral students at every step of their doctoral path and comprises three pages: Beginning your doctoral studies, During your doctoral studies and Finalising your doctoral studies.

Doctoral student study guide is maintained by the Doctoral education services (Learning services).

Doctoral student study guide

Two doctoral students looking at symbols on pieces of paper, with imaginary doctoral hats floating above their heads.

Beginning your doctoral studies

Doctoral students at the beginning of studies: information on arrival, doctoral personal study plan, curriculum and financing etc.

Doctoral education
Two doctoral students, one working with a laptop and one with pen on paper, both with imaginary doctoral hats floating above their heads.

During your doctoral studies

Doctoral students throughout their studies: information on thesis writing, research work, supervision and mobility etc.

Doctoral education
Drawing of two doctoral students each holding a paper, with doctor's hats shining on their heads.

Finalising your doctoral studies

Doctoral students at the end phases of studies: information on pre-examination, defence, publishing the thesis and graduation, etc.

Doctoral education

Other useful pages for doctoral students

Unfocused photo of a laptop with hands over it and backlight shining from a window in the background

Researcher skills for doctoral students

Resources and tools for developing your researcher skills

Doctoral education
Drawing of a stack of books, with notes between the pages of the books.

Doctoral thesis at Aalto University

Resources, guidelines and information on doctoral theses at Aalto University

Doctoral education
Doctoral hat floating above a speaker's podium with a microphone

Public defence at Aalto University

Instructions for the practical arrangements of the doctoral defences at Aalto University

Doctoral education

Support for challenges during your doctoral studies

If you face difficult situations as a doctoral student, read about the support available and your possible next steps.

Doctoral education
A symbol of a square with a dot in it visualizing forms

Doctoral student forms

Doctoral education services' forms for doctoral students.

Doctoral education

Doctoral education services

Doctoral education services support doctoral students, supervising professors, thesis advisors and doctoral programme directors in matters related to doctoral studies. Doctoral education services belong to Learning Services.

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