Exhibitions in Marsio

Magnificent materials

Material literacy as an antidote for climate anxiety.

Transparent materials made out of wood

Entangled – Reimagining textile functionalities

Interdisciplinary collaboration transforming smart textiles.

3D textile architecture.

BioColour: sustainable colour aesthetics

Transforming fashion by getting rid of toxic colours.

Sofia Ilmonen Biocolour

Bioeconomy 2.0

Unseen bio-based materials.

Wooden crystals

New landscapes in textile design

Sustainable textile production by innovative technique combinations.

Process photo behind the New landscapes in textile design exhibition.

Building with misfit wood

Revealing the potential of underutilised material.

Whole oak sawed by Jaakko Torvinen to create custom joinery.

Materials for change

Surprising bio-based experiments.

Example of materials for change project, yarn made out of fireweed

Design thinking in health care

From hidden needs to medical innovations.

A device attachable to the forearm is one of the possibilities the hentoTouch team is currently exploring. Photo: Juliana Harkki.

Fostering bioinnovations

Tomorrow’s textiles and packaging.

Fostering Bioinnovations exhibition sneakpeak

Future Pack-Age visions

Sustainable packaging alternatives.


Using satellites to save our peatlands – how and why?

Monitoring peatland rehabilitation from space.

Landscape from the Finnish peatlands.

Future visions in fashion

Imagining ethical fashion futures and making them a reality.

Näytös image. Two sets of legs and shoes in a sepia coloured image.

Cybersecurity skills for Europeans

Learn to safely navigate in the digital world.

Screenshots of a cybersecurity game.

Satellite exhibitions

Kudos – a library for material relations

Architecture as collaboration of humans, clay and fungi.

Fungi growing experiments part of Kudos by Elina Koivisto and Maiju Suomi.

Aalto ARTS Student Show 2024

The Aalto ARTS Student Show brings together a selection of student projects from all over the School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

Aalto ARTS Student Show visual

Flowing carbon

Different methods of carbon sequestration in urban green areas.

Exhibition boxes Biochar Project

Alusta pavilion – Environmentally conscious architecture

A place for encounters between humans and non-human animals.

Alusta pavilion

Huoju-A – a multi-sensory wooden pavilion

Mindful, experiential architecture.

HuojuA pavilion photo

Making the impossible possible involves imperfection

A more sustainable lifestyle also means accepting the failures inherent in the process of creating something new, which is necessary for tackling the complex challenges.

In our quest for perfection, we often overlook potential solutions and ignore the beauty of fading, aging and irregularity.

Embracing limited consumption and a more versatile use of renewable resources can be elegant and fascinating – visit our exhibitions to see how.

Designs for a Cooler Planet in Otaniemi from 6 September to 3 October 2024

This year, Designs for a Cooler Planet festival demonstrates that even impossible challenges can become opportunities, if we dare to approach them from different perspectives. It celebrates innovative and collaborative designs aimed at addressing the impossible sustainability challenges we face.

Makers of the impossible brings hope for a better future by combining research, design, arts and science. Research-based projects by the Aalto community showcase bold, experimental and creative concepts that drive transformative change.

Visit the exhibitions in Marsio – Aalto's brand-new, open-to-all campus venue – and satellite locations, and join the events to get a glimpse of a better tomorrow!

From space technology and shimmering wood to shapeshifting textiles – explore world-changing research in the brand new Marsio building

Designs for a Cooler Planet is an official event of Helsinki Design Week and part of the EU Commission's New European Bauhaus initiative.

Contact Cooler Planet team

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