Entangled – Reimagining textile functionalities

Interdisciplinary collaboration towards transformation of smart textiles. See this and other fascinating projects on display in the Designs for a Cooler Planet main exhibition in Marsio on 6 Sept – 3 Oct 2024.
3D textile architecture.
Photo: Giulnara Launonen

These textiles are active elements in their environments, responding to environmental stimuli by changing their shape, colour or other qualities.

Entangled merges physics, crafting, materials engineering and textile design to reimagine, materialise and realise novel textile concepts. The project develops heat- and light-responsive yarns and fabrics that produce useful actions without embedding traditional electric circuits.

Balancing technological advancements, sustainability concerns, and seamless integration into daily life, this project fosters Nordic cooperation for advancing interdisciplinary, holistic approaches on heat- and light-powered textiles.

Designs for a Cooler Planet

This fall, the festival celebrates innovative and collaborative designs addressing the impossible sustainability challenges. Experience tomorrow in Otaniemi on 6 Sept – 3 Oct 2024!

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Wood crystals on a black fabric.
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